Sahil Khan shares Ramadan Diet Plan

Sahil Khan shares Ramdan Diet Plan

Sahil Khan shares Ramdan Diet Plan

Sahil Khan, the well-known fitness icon has shared the Ramadan diet plan. The diet plan is extremely detailed and quite customizable as well. he has given no. of options. You can choose as per your requirements.

Sahil Khan shares Ramdan Diet Plan

Let’s have a look at the same –


1. Here he highlighted the importance of drinking lots of water. He said that hydration is the key and thus keep drinking as much water as you can.

2. He advised beginning the Sehri with 3 dates. He also added that you can consume some jaggery with these dates. You can also consume your multivitamins at this point. If you like fruits then you can also add some bananas here. Also, you can consume your protein shake here.

3. Later after the morning namaaz, have the full meal which should consist of white rice, potato, fish, chicken or eggs. The key point here is that the diet should be rich in terms of protein.

4. Then comes the time of next namaz and post that is the workout time. During this workout time, you can have pre-workout sessions. Post that you can also consume double espresso coffee which is totally optional. You can then continue with your training. During training, you need to have BCAA which has numerous benefits.

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5. Post workout, you can consume 1 protein shake and 1 banana.

6. You can take rest at this point. Or you can also eat a small meal with little rice and grilled chicken.


1. This is the time for the full mean. And the focus should be to consume such items which are quite slow in terms of digestion. Food items like brown rice, oatmeal, red meat, 6-8 full egg, peanut butter, almond butter, walnut, almond are highly recommended.

2. In between, you can keep drinking aminos.

Some important tips highlighted here are –

  1. Don’t go into too much of weight training.
  2. Exercise only for 30 minutes during this month
  3. Don’t go for too fast-paced exercises
  4. Try to maintain your hydration by drinking more and more water

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