National Kickboxing Championship 2019, India[Announcement]

National Kickboxing Championship 2019, India[Announcement]

Hyderabad “The Pearl City” has been selected as the venue for Silver Jubilee IAKO – National Kickboxing Championship 2019. The event is scheduled to be held on 25th – 29th August 2019 at Lal Bahudar Shastri Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad. This will be the 25th senior, 24th junior and 24th sub-junior event for both male and female. 700 number of male and female kickboxers are expected to attend the event from 25 different states under various categories.

Only one participant is allowed in every event category and a single participant can take part in a maximum of two events. You need to pass through a medical test to take part in the same. Also, the safety equipment’s must be carried by the participant only. Other details regarding the event can be accessed through the official website of IAKO, For further event, details click here

IAKO is one of the primitive organizations to introduce kickboxing in our country since 1993. Since then these sports have been promoted at various other states by establishing required affiliations.

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IAKO started it’s a journey under the leadership of ER. S.S Harichandan till 2013 and this made kickboxing extremely popular sport in India. IAKO Indian team took part in many competitions of international level and won a number of medals and recognition.

This event will take place under the kickboxing association of Telangana under the leadership of Mr. Harak Bahadur Chettri who is the President of the association and Mr. D Kamalakar who is serving as the General Secretary. Both of them are geared up to host this event at Hyderabad.