Nathan DeAsha is the winner IFBB Pro League in Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding games are majorly hosted or held in one country. But people from different parts of the world like to participate in this.

The IFBB Pro league contest was held in the United Kingdom at British Grand Prix and people from all over the world took part in the same. The format is quite similar to other bodybuilding shows. The winner here won a ticket to Mr. Olympia which will take place in the September month.

Nathan DeAsha won the competition as his physique is one of the best of all times. His body has been placed in the top 10 categories. His best place at the Olympia is 7th and thus with his excellent posture, he will definitely try to improve his placement.

Samson Dauda won the very close second position. His body is also quite nice but he needs to play more focus on his lower body. Also, confidence plays a major role here. And thus with both these attributes, he is going to grab the first spot next year.

James Hollingshead is one of the most popular open bodybuilders of the UK. He has won the third position and he is trying his best to improve his placement in the long run.

Milan Sadek has been working quite hard to improve his placement. This is when he got the fourth position and wants to work on getting and improving his rank further.

Lukas Wyler secured the fifth position in both prejudging and finals. He is working to improve his physique for future competitions.

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