Good Friends can Help You with Stress-Free Life – Study

Mental Health Issues

Young adults or rather teenagers who are well socially connected or have good reliable friends have much lesser chances to deal with mental health issues. Research has proved that there are 66% fewer chances of teenagers who have a good and close circle of friends.

This further proves that there is 65% lesser chances of teenagers falling prey to illegal drugs and 54% lesser risk of being diagnosed with STD and 51% lesser risk of being a victim of physical violence. It seems that most of your teenage issues have been well taken care of. Right?

Teen friendships help to shape your mental health

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“What happens in middle and high school doesn’t stay in middle and high school. What we experience as adolescents can set us up for success – including avoiding serious health risks like drug use and STDs”.

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Says researcher Kathleen Ethier, director of the division of Adolescent and School health at CDC.

Research also shows that how strong relationships goes a long way in healthier development of the brain. Healthier relationships help to boost job life, happiness, health and creativity too.

That is why successful people have a long list of friends with really close connected networks. And no these networks are not helpful for getting jobs. But this is really helpful to keep your mind boosted.

This is how teenage suicides and pregnancies and substance abuse.

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