List of Indian Wedding Hairstyles for Women

List of Indian Wedding Hairstyles for Women 7

After so many hurdles two people agree to marry each other and devote the rest of their lives to each other. Just a month before their marriage they start the Indian wedding preparations as this day means a lot to all the brides and grooms. You book parlour appointments, decorations, caterers, etc but oops, a day before you receive a call from the parlour that they won’t be available to you for your bridal makeup. Even if they agree to at least do the makeup, they might make your hairstyle in a hurry that will just spoil the whole look. You are not left with a better option but to figure out the best Indian weddings hairstyles. So, if you are in a very complicated situation we are always there to help you out with our posts. Recently we published a post on Best Hairstyles of Allu Arjunand today we are sharing the list of Indian wedding hairstyles for women:

1. Side-Parted Bun

This is a very popular Indian wedding hairstyle for long hair. In this, you have to make a side partition from any one end and just roll over the remaining hair in the form of a bun.

2. Criss Cross Bun

It may seem similar to the side bun but that is not true. It is a perfect Indian wedding hairstyle for medium hair. The partition in this hairstyle is balanced from either end and the remaining hair strands are directed towards the opposite ends and then rolled in the form of a bun.

3. Side curls

A very classy hairstyle, side curls is one of the best wedding hairstyles for medium hair. The curls are just placed on one end of your shoulder and the entire hairstyle is directed towards that end.

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4. Braided Bun 

This is another perfect wedding hairstyle for long hair. A simple french braid from both the end is just rolled in the shape of a bun and pinned up at last. Isn’t it looking awesome?

5. Fish Braid

I am sure most of you must be familiar with this hairstyle. If not, let me just brief you about it? It is a very simple hairstyle for a wedding and you will love it. Just place thin hair strands one over the other like you normally braid and do it until you reach the end. It will give your hair a fishtail look.

6. Side French Braid

If the length of your hair is short then this is the aptest Indian wedding hairstyle for short hair. Make a side French and roll it at the back and just pin it. Let the remaining hair open.

I hope that you found this post helpful? Just try them if your wedding is round the corner and don’t forget to share your selfies or experience below after trying any of the above hairstyles.

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