Sunny Leone Popular Hairstyles, You can Adopt

Sunny Leone Popular Hairstyles, You can Adopt

Sunny Leone is a Bollywood celebrity that has a special place in every guy’s heart in this world. Her simple smile, cute facial expressions, confident body language, style, personality, etc, everything defines her as a very humble and beautiful Diva of Bollywood.

One thing that is very perfect about her is her different hairstyles on-screen as well as off-screen. Do you wish to have a look at Sunny Leone’s new look? Keep scrolling down this post then and rad it till the end. Recently, we have published a post on Top Bollywood Actors Latest Hairstyles 2021

Now we will be showcasing the pictures of Sunny Leone hairstyles:

  1. Messy Bun

Sunny Leone tied her naturally wavy hair in a twisted messy bun. It’s a comfortable hairstyle created by gathering all her tresses at the top twisted and secured loosely for a messy look. Let the ends be undone and let loose a few tendrils loose in the front.

Moreover, she is fond of experimenting with her hair, so if you want to experiment as well, you can try Sunny Leone hairstyles.

  1. Casual Ponytail

Sunny Leone took a gamble and styled a casual pull-back ponytail with gorgeous waves with a gown. It is a road less taken, but Sunny had it across like a cakewalk. And if Sunny can, you can too. Try it out at a wedding or a reception.

  1. Side Braid

Side braids are fun and a great hair option in roaring summers. Sunny in jeans and casuals with two side braids looked adorable. She accessorized her hair with a tilted cap, and the blue shades further elevate the carefree look.

  1. Braided Bun

Sunny, with an elegant braided bun, looks like a goddess. She has side-parted hair with a braid loosely tied at the back, making the bun look bigger. The gorgeous braid is perfect for any important event to make your mark.

  1. Loose waves

Sunny Leone’s loose waves are full of texture. Her long wavy manes are great to add some playfulness to your day-to-night hair look. You can always team the waves up with braids and twist or bun it up if you want.

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  1. Short hair

Sunny has been sporting short hairstyles for a long. However, she is known to add a personal touch to her hairstyles by going for bold colors. Just like the pic below, when she was bored with pink, she went blue.

  1. Layered Caramel Streaks

The queen of glamour dipped her pretty long tresses in hues of caramel and chocolate. She was seen wearing this hairstyle in the promotions of Ek Paheli Leela. Her layered hair flowing down her waist with those warm hues charmed us away.

  1. Sleek and Straight

Sunny Leone hairstyle 2021had her hair sleek and straight. She was seen with this hairstyle at the airport, giving us an example of traveling with style. She has gone freestyle, a break from her fancy updos with hair straight and cropped.

  1. Messy Curls

With naturally wavy hair like sunny, it is easy to style a messy curly look. The fuss-free curls are a bit messed up and look astonishing on her. Messy curls go well with off-shoulder or one-shoulder gowns so take cues from her.

  1. Permed Hair

Sunny uploaded her pic on Instagram with long thick hair adorned with tiny perms. Her hair framed her face perfectly. The tiny perms give her hair a rugged appearance and make her look lovable. Perm adds romanticism to her hairstyle.

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  1. Bangs and loose waves

Sunny left her loose waves pen and styled long wispy fringes covering her forehead. Sunny looks like a cutie pie in this look. The waves are slightly twirled towards the sides, which breathes life in this hairstyle. The look is all drama.

  1. Medium length wavy hair with bangs

Her loose waves with bangs make her hairstyle worthy of Bollywood and beyond. Deep side-swept fringes can be styled easily with Sunny’s thick tresses. Shiny black hair with loose waves reminds us of the 70s when bangs when thick bangs were chic.

  1. Fishtail Braid

Sunny styled a fishtail braid at Star Guild Awards. She combined the braid with shimmer amazingly. Her braid was falling pretty with a messy look. Her look is drenched in the spirit of the gala, finished with dark eyes and pink lips.

  1. Side Fringes with Open Hair
Sunny Leone smiling and posing with her side fringes with open hair - Sunny Leone Hairstyles

The side fringes with open hair have always been in trend and it looks equally adorable at Sunny Leone. I am sure you will agree with me here.

  1. Curly Ponytail
Sunny Leone posing in curly ponytail and black outfit - Sunny Leone latest Hairstyles

The hairstyle of Sunny in the above picture is simple yet it looks so stylish. It is a test for any party or outdoor function.

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  1. Side Braids with Open Hair
Sunny Leone in a multicolor dress with side braids - Sunny Leone Hairstyles

Braids have always been popular in India but in the above picture, Sunny has made tiny braids out of a few hair strands while leaving the remaining hair open.

  1. Layers Cut
Sunny Leone in blue outfit and layers cut - Sunny Leone Hairstyles 2021

In most of the films of Sunny, we have often seen her leave her hair open and that looks quite attractive on her.

  1. Messy and Short
Sunny Leone in blue crop top and messy and short hairstyle -Sunny Leone Hairstyles

In this picture, Sunny has had a short bob haircut and has left her hair open. This is a perfect hairstyle for all the women who have short hair.

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  1. Side Braids
Smiling Sunny Leone in yellow dress and side braid - Sunny Leone Hairstyles long hair

How many of you like braid? If you like them, then I am sure you will definitely try the above hairstyle made by Sunny.

  1. Pink Waves
Sunny Leone posing for a selfie in pink hair - Sunny Leone Hairstyles

We all know that Sunny is fond of experimenting different dyes on her hair and in this picture she has applied the pinkish golden dye.

  1. Long Curled Open Hair
Sunny Leone in black off-shoulder dress and long curled open hair - Sunny Leone latest Hairstyles

Now, this hairstyle is a very unique one. In this, she has combed her hair in a way that it looks like a ponytail but it is actually long curled open hair.

  1. High and Sleek Ponytail
Sunny Leone in High and sleek ponytail with danglers - Sunny Leone Hairstyles 2021

Ponytails look great on girls and make them look smart and charming, especially during formal meetings.

  1. Long Straight Hair with Bangs
Smiling Sunny Leone showing her long straight hair with bangs - Sunny Leone Hairstyles

This is one of the latest looks of Sunny Leone in which she has tiny fringes covering her forehead and has left her remaining hair open.

Which hairstyle of Sunny did you like the most and are planning to apply on your hair right now? Please comment your views below and follow the blog for more helpful posts.

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