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Kareena Kapoor Weight Loss Tips

kareena zero figure

Whenever we talk about talent with beauty among contemporary Bollywood heroines, the first name lingers on every tongue is “Kareena Kapoor”. This six times Filmfare Awardee is a package of sheer talent and immense beauty. Every man adores her and woman envies her gorgeous and sexy figure. But she has work very hard to make her niche in the industry but even worked harder to achieve the “Zero figure” for her movie Tashan released in 2007 and becomes an ideal for those who want to lose weight. Although, she has no more zero figure but she maintains her attractive figure. Kareena Kapoor gives the credit to her dietician and nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar and yoga guru Payal Gidwani Tiwari to make her super slim and sexy. Let us see how she makes through the journey from being a chubby Punjabi girl to zero figure girl.

Kareena Kapoor Diet and Fitness Regime

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Green and gorgeous

Kareena Kapoor is a strict vegetarian and therefore she preferred rainbow on her plate. She eats lots of vegetables and fruits which contains minerals and vitamins. Her celebrity dietician Rujuta makes sure that she takes 7-9 meals a day. Some important practices took by the actress are:

This reigning actress also follows a strict routine of power yoga and cardio exercises to stay fit and in shape besides following a healthy diet. She has confessed that she was not a yoga person and left it after practicing for a month time. But she took up yoga again and devoted herself to it since then. It made her body healthy, perfect and fit. She makes sure to devote two hours from her tight schedule to her workout session. According to her yoga is like a morning prayer and if she missed it then her day feels incomplete.

Bebo’s workout session

Kareena’s workout routine comprises of yoga and cardio exercises for two hours. she performs her yoga poses in a humid room instead of air conditioned one. The humidity and excessive heat helps in warm up session and muscle stretching. She practices intensive yoga for 90 minutes and meditation later on to cool down. Some highlights of her yoga sessions are

She doesn’t believe in crash dieting and always give advice to her fans to follow a healthy diet along with a proper workout session. She also encourages her fans to include yoga in their physical activities as it keeps the mind and body healthy.

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