Aamir Khan Ultimate Diet and Fitness Plan

Aamir Khan Ultimate Diet and Fitness Plan

One actor in the industry who has made his name synonymous of perfection is Aamir Khan. He is famous and respected for giving his 100% to every role, be it in the movie or in real life. He is among the most successful and influential actors of Bollywood Industry.

His hard work and dedication towards Indian cinema has got him many awards and honors from the film industry and Government of India which includes National award, Filmfare Award, Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan and many more.

He has established himself as a successful actor, director, producer and Television show anchor.

Despite of having a tight schedule he always appears fit, healthy and adores new look in every movie. His versatility and perfectionist nature attracts lots of fan following throughout the world. Some of the famous looks of the actor are from the movies Ghulam, Sarfarosh, Ghajini, and Dhoom3.

All these roles demanded lots of workout especially in Ghajini where he has to build a muscular body while Dhoom3 in which he has to play a role of a gymnast which requires a flexible lean yet fit body.

He gives all credit to his personal trainer Satyajit Chaurasia whose training has transformed Aamir’s lean body into a muscular physique.

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Although, gaining and losing weight for different roles is not a very easy task, for instance, after Ghajini Aamir has pulls off the role of a college student in 3 idiots so well that nobody can say that the same guy was having a big body frame just months ago, but Aamir makes it possible with proper diet and workout.

Let’s have a look at his diet and workout plan.

Aamir Diet plan

Aamir always keeps a tab on his BMI(Body Mass Index) to trace any changes and regularly check out his weight. He understands the fact that one should calculate the intake of calories in order to gain or lose weight as it helps you to develop your diet and workout plan accordingly.

  • Aamir takes a balance diet which comprises vegetarian and non vegetarian food.
  • He used to have several small meals in day as this practice enhances the metabolism rate of body and burn out the calories.
  • He eats fruits like banana, apple or sweet potatoes before exercises as it helps in maintaining energy levels throughout exercise session.
  • He consumes at least 3-4 liters of water every day and drinks lemon water in between workouts. Lemon water reduces excess acid and prevent soreness and stiffness of muscles during workouts.
  • He suggests not to take carbs after 8 PM.
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His usual diet includes:

  • Breakfast – It includes green tea with egg white, muesli and seasonal fruits
  • Mid day meal – It includes fruit and vegetable juices
  • Lunch – It comprises dal, roti made up of three grain (wheat, jwar, bajara) flour, Sabzi (cooked in ground nut oil) and curd
  • Evening snack – It includes tea, Rusk or nuts or cheese cubes
  • Dinner– It consists of boiled vegetable or grilled chicken and fish

Aamir highly recommends a visit to qualified dietician before taking up a diet plan as a professional can customize a better diet plan for you based on your health status. He clearly mentioned in his blog that no one should blindly follow his diet or workout plan.

According to him, eating less or starving is an unhealthy practice as it puts your body on “famine mode” and your body starts to store more fat. He says that he has lost weight while eating at interval of every one hour.

Aamir Khan’s fitness practices

Aamir has mentioned in his blog that three things are very important to stay fit and that are: A balanced and healthy diet, Proper Exercise and Rest. He says that one should choose exercise wisely which depends on what you want to achieve.

Suppose, if you want just fitness then go for walking, jogging, running or took up any sport. But, if you want to build muscle or shaping up of your body you should go for weight training. He suggests his fans to seek professional guidance like gym training but in case one cannot afford it then Pull ups, Push ups and crunches can also help you in body building.

His workout session includes:

  • Back Workout – It includes Lateral pull down, Cable seated row, One arm dumbbell row, T bar rows
  • Biceps workout – It includes Dumbbell curl, Preacher curl, Concentration curl, Barbell curl
  • Leg Workout – It includes Barbell squat, Barbell lunge, Leg press machine, Leg curl machine, Standing calf raises
  • Chest Workout – It includes Barbell bench press, Incline barbell bench press, Decline barbell bench press, Dumbbell fly
  • Triceps Workout – It includes Triceps extension, Cable press down, One arm triceps extension, Triceps Dips
  • Abdominal / Core Workout – It includes Seated leg tucks, Back extensions, Vertical bench crunches, Hanging leg raises, Crunches with stability ball
  • Shoulders Workout – It includes Dumbbell press, Bent over shoulder raise, Dumbbell shrug, Lateral dumbbell raise, Military barbell press

Aamir takes an off from work out on Saturday and Sunday. As per Aamir, we generally underestimated the importance of rest. If you are working out, eating healthy food but you are not giving your body proper rest then most probably your body will not respond to the exercises positively.

You will eventually find yourself more tired and low on energy. He used to take 8 hour sleep while preparing himself for Ghajini. He used to do Shavaasan after taking bath post training as it helps in relaxing and rejuvenating the body.

The last mantra from Aamir for his fans who want to build bodies like him is to have a positive attitude and patience. He believes that nothing can be achieved overnight, one has to work hard for it.

To achieve a fit and toned body you have to train hard consistently and on regular basis. Keep reminding yourself of his famous dialogue from his movie 3 Idiots Bachcha kabil bano, kabil … kamyabi toh saali jhak maarke peeche bhagegi” which means “lets chase excellence success will follow”. Last but not the least, you have to bring discipline in your lifestyle so that you can maintain your fitness after you achieve it.

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