Kajol’s Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

Kajol’s Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

Kajol becomes a symbol of grace and beauty among married women. In addition to ordering her very own domain, she spends time for herself by doing fun advertisements. Kajol wows her audience and media with a beautiful clear face and fit, healthy body. The actress loses oodles of pound in a relatively limited span of 6 months after giving birth to her second child. Kajol diet plan follows a severe fitness regime. Her personal fitness trainer and health consultant are now working with her to enhance her stamina, maintain a physique and healthy weight, and boost metabolism.

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 Kajol Weight Loss

Her mindset makes everything:

The excellent physique of Kajol takes root from her attitude. When Kajol was pregnant, the actress knew that she wants to burn the fat as soon as she gives birth to her child. She always likes to stay fit, which is much like practicing a skill. If you gain weight, you will lose a skill. In case you would like to stay fit and healthy, you have to get back to practice that skill as immediately as possible. There is no doubt that she is a strong person with a steely willpower to regain into shape. Kajol’s almond diet makes her won the battle.

Step-by-step approaches:

Kajol Lose Weight

She is very realistic and practical in life. She sets achievable goals for which she committed with dedication and delivers on them. When it comes to losing weight, she takes the same approach to discipline as well as realistic expectations. Just like a baby, she took little by little steps towards weight reduction. Over time, Kajol gradually increases the intensity and duration of her workouts that lead to a lean physique, which she achieved today.

Working Out:

Kajol Diet Plan

The actress loses weight about 18 kgs in just 5 months. With the help of her trainer, Kajol burns the extra fat together with targeting the core muscle. Every day, she works hard to enhance her performance. As a part of her fitness regimen, she does yoga, squats, lifts, and endurance training. She can lift weights up to 150 pounds in the deadlift, which is an intense, muscle toning, and calorie burning exercise.

Eating right:

As similar to her fitness regime, she is strict about eating the right things. As far as weight loss diet concerned, Kajol makeover consists of foods such as fish, eggs, paneer, lean chicken, nuts, and milk. She always eats smart and assures that she ate a plenty of fiber for having a fit body. She avoids junk food frenzies and unhealthy snacking. The star also drinks a plethora of water in order to stay hydrated. To control hunger pangs, she consumes fresh vegetables, fruits, and health drinks.

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Fitness Mantra of Kajol:

Kajol Fat Loss

The fitness mantra is to stay focused and stay disciplined. In case you feel difficult to exercise on your own, try to engage the services offered by a dietician and fitness trainer to help you in getting a fit and healthy body. Try to spend certain time for yourself. Every day, spend at least one hour for making a fitness plan. Be sure that you eat right, which helps you win the battle!

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