Bollywood Male Actors Plastic Surgery Before And After

Bollywood Male Actors Plastic Surgery Before And After

You should have observed a phenomenal change in the personality of people after a plastic surgery. We are here to talk about the B-town male celebrities who opted for plastic surgery in order to look beautiful and handsome. In addition, we will show you the latest pictures of those male celebrities before and after plastic surgeries. By nature, everyone would like to look awesome. You may be shocked to see the long list of celebrities with plastic surgery that includes Macho man Ranveer Singh to Shahid Kapoor, the chocolate boy of Bollywood.

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List of Bollywood male celebrities before and after plastic surgery:

1. King Khan: He turns 52 years old, but he was the sexiest and handsome man in the world. As a world charmer, he enthralls the worldwide audience with his romantic acting and charming structure. Did you know? He went Botox and other cosmetic treatment several times. However, he is still one among the sexiest men in the world [1].


2. Shahid Kapoor: Referred as a chocolate boy, Shahid Kapoor has a huge female following. But, he has to face certain low movements in B-town. As per the recent reports, he went through a rhinoplasty so as to make his nose much more attractive [UNCOFIRMED].


3. Ranbir Kapoor: He has more crazy female following than male. As the most charming actor in Bollywood, he went under the knife to treat his receding hairline [UNCOFIRMED].

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4. Aamir Khan: Referred as Mr. Perfectionist, he still looks younger despite reaching his fifties. Aamir Khan went for Botox treatment for covering his visible wrinkle. As the Best celebrity plastic surgery, he got a new flawless and enticing personality [UNCONFIRMED].


5. Anil Kapoor: He has in the Bollywood industry for about 40 years. He is still in the hearts of lakh people. The reason behind his blooming face is that he got a cosmetic assistance to stay younger [2].


6. Salman Khan: This Bollywood Superstar becomes the heartbeat of million people. Without a doubt, he has gone for hair transplant and plastic surgeries several times to perfect his jaw [UNCONFIRMED].


7. Himesh Reshammiya: He is primarily a singer yet soon turns as a Bollywood actor. He was once never seen without a headgear or cap. Now, you may be shocked to notice him as a plastic surgery hero with shining and healthy hair that comes as an outcome of hair transplant therapy [3].


8. Akshaye Khanna: Khanna began going bald and he needs to wear a wig while acting in the movies. When we see him in the recent movies, it is very clear that he went for surgeries to remove the stain of a bald actor [UNCONFIRMED].


9. Akshay Kumar: Akshay discovers that he is going bald. But, he never tries to hide the fact. Instead, he wears toupees and wigs for his movies. Now, everyone loves his look as he went through the hair transplant treatment [UNCONFIRMED].


10. Sanjay Dutt: The actor was severely suffering from baldness. To treat the problem, he has gone for a strip procedure several times [4].


Apart from this, there is also a list of male celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong. In India, plastic surgery is often associated with female celebrities. But, now, plastic surgery becomes a fashion for male too, to perfect their faults or just to look handsome among others.

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