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Indian boy dies in UK after consuming bodybuilding pills

Fitness fanatic Sarmad Alladin aged just 18 was studying at a UK college. He was the son of a Hyderabad based millionaire. His Facebook account read “I am the evil, better-looking twin, of the Warm Fuzzy Good looking sex stud muffin you always dream about”.

His recent activity showed that he was researching “Anabolic Steroids” and how can DNP make you retain water and dehydrate at the same time.

Indian boy dies in UK after consuming bodybuilding pills

It seems that he was quite fascinated by the DNP tablets and one of these DNP tablets actually took his life.

Samad who was popularly known as “Mr. Muscle” among his friends was a first-year student of University for the Creative Arts at Epsom, Surrey.

The university shared in the light of this statement

“We have issued a strong warning to all our students know about the dangers of weight loss drugs as a precautionary measure. Sarmad Alladin’s death is currently being treated as accidental by police – the official cause of death has yet to be determined by a coroner but the death is not being treated as suspicious. Last week we acted on the advice of the police and put out a warning to all our students about the dangers of bodybuilding/weight loss drugs. This was done as a precautionary measure. There was no implication about the usage of these substances on our campuses in widespread, but we acted responsibility by police advice”.

Whereas Dr. Ali Alhakim, who conducted the post mortem examination said that the death is because of DTP. Tests found out that there was 201 mg per liter of DNP in his blood which is categorized as – “A high concentration”.

He also added that the teenager had stretch marks on his shoulder, chest, and back suggesting a recent increase in his muscle mass beneath the skin.

Indian boy dies in UK after consuming bodybuilding pills

Sarmad had an intention to play rugby for India. He said that the ultimate aim of his life was to build up his body to stay in the sports field. His former doctor said that he started pumping his body since last 9 months. He used to order various such drugs through the internet. And even his former doctor has warned him about the demerits of the same.

Doctors further added that such teenage deaths are a huge surprise because kids today are well aware of their body and also what all are they consuming. They are constantly on the internet and they know what is good and what is horrifying for them.

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