How to Comb Hair Women ?

You must be thinking that it is the simple activity. Just take a comb and start combing your hair but it is not the right process. Combing is generally performed to remove tangles from hair and to style it but this regular practice can also determines the texture and health of hair. Combing hair in a wrong way can lead to hair fall, breakage, split ends and weak roots.

Never comb on wet hair


Your hair is most vulnerable to breakage when it is damp because combing on wet hair can cause more tangles, breakage and hair fall. The water in hair reduces the friction between comb and hair which cause tangling and comb doesn’t run smoothly on it. If you apply pressure on your hair then the strands can come out of their roots causing hair fall.

Use hair serum or leave in conditioner


Dry your hair properly before combing to avoid any breakage and apply a little amount of hair serum on your entire hair length. Hair serum nourishes your hair and makes them soft and shiny. It also prevents tangling and thus comb runs smoothly on your hair.

Use wide toothed comb

Selecting a comb for your hair type is very important because a good comb can save your time and prevent breakage. For example, if you have curly and dense hair which is prone to tangling then go for a wide toothed comb. You can generally start combing session with wide toothed comb and when your hair becomes tangle free then you can use a fine toothed comb.

Don’t fight with your hair

Comb your hair with gentle strokes otherwise you can damage your hair. Divide your hair in two or three sections and then take handful of hair from one section and gently comb it, take smaller sections and repeat the procedure. When you are done with one section then repeat the same procedure on other section. This is the safest method which causes minimum damage to your hair.

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