How to Burn Fat – Tips by GuruMann

How to Burn Fat – Tips by GuruMann

A slim and fit body is something that everyone desires to have. But how to burn that ugly fat on the stomach which seems to love you so much and is too stubborn to go away.

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Fitness trainer GuruMann suggests you some important tips to burn fat and a get a perfectly shaped body:

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Let us understand how does the body store fat:

Our body has a beautiful mechanism to burn and store fats. The carbohydrates that we consume are broken down to glucose which provides us with energy to do work. The surplus glucose is stored into glycogen cells which are present in muscles and liver.

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As we consume more and more carbohydrates and if the workout is less, the glycogen tank starts filing up till a point that spill over happens. Spillover is actually an overflow of glucose molecules which lead to the formation of fat cells under the skin.

Days after days and week after weeks the fat starts getting accumulated and stomach expands. Now the spillover is visible in form of a flappy tummy or fats in other parts of the body.

How does the body burns stored fat?

The accumulated fat in the body needs to be burnt out to get back in shape. The first thing is to decrease the supply of carbs and second is to enhance the workout schedule.

As we work out with less supply of carbs the body starts burning the stored energy. Hence the fats start getting consumed. If the workout routine is kept as such that the carbs supplied to the body are lesser than the carb consumed the stored fat starts burning and the glycogen tank gets emptier.

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But if start increasing the intake of carbs again, the fat starts getting accumulated and the hard work goes in vain.

It is important to keep a proper diet schedule and workout to maintain the fat in our body. GuruMann has suggested a sample weekly schedule for carb consumption.


In the table, he kept 5 days as low or no carb and 2 days as high carb consumption. Thus it maintains a balance in the consumption of carbohydrates.

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One more important thing whenever we decrease the carbohydrates in our diet, the protein content should be higher.

Follow the fitness guru Guru Mann’s advice and get back the body shape that you would love to have. You can learn more about how to lose body fat more quickly:


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