List of 10 Bodybuilding Exercises, You Must follow as a Beginner

List of 10 Bodybuilding Exercises, You Must follow as a Beginner 11

You always dream about becoming a bodybuilder but some missing element forbids you from attaining this dream. You spend several hours in the gym but you fail to realize why you are not getting the desirable results. If these are the questions then come across your mind everyday then we have answers to all your questions. Working out in gym is fine but what if you don’t have time for it. There are many bodybuilding exercises at home and we will be revealing them in this post. Recently, we have published a post on List of Healthy Indian Breakfast for Weight Loss

Now we are going to highlight the bodybuilding exercises name list with pictures:

1. Push Ups

You must be well aware of this exercise. Push ups is one of the most essential exercises for weightlifting. You just have to push your body upwards and downwards with the support of your hands and toes.

2. Bent Over Rows

This is one of the most essential bodybuilding workouts at gym. For this workout, you need a heavyweight and you will be lifting it while bending your back.

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3. Upright Rows

This is somewhat similar to the bent row with a  very small difference. You have to keep your back straight and then lift the weight in this exercise.

4. Squats

Squats basically decrease the extra fat from your thighs and lower leg and ensure the muscles on your legs are strong. You just have to bend up and down with the support of your thighs.

5. Mountain Climbers

In this exercise, you not only lose unwanted fat but also strengthen your body muscles. For this, you have to balance your whole body weight with your arms and toes and one knee at a time in the forward direction as if you are climbing a mountain.

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6. Weight Lifting

Weightlifting is different from bent and upright rows. In this workout, you have to hold the weight with the support of your shoulders and then lift them up and down.

7. Treadmill

For this workout, you require a treadmill. It works on your total body fat and boosts your stamina. Walk on treadmill for minimum 15 minutes a day as a beginner.

8. Lunges

Now you will ask me what is the difference between lunge and squat? In squats, you have to bent with the support of your upper thighs and in this one, you have to touch your feet on the floor and then rise and bend again.

9. Crunches

Crunches is the best workout for your abs and stomach fat. In this you have to lie down and then lift your body upwards towards your knees with the support of your hands.

10. Leg Raise

Last, but not the least, effective exercise for bodybuilding is leg raise. You just have to lie down on the ground and lift the legs and then get them back on the ground slowly.

Did you fond this post helpful? Do these exercises twice a day for effective results. Try these workouts and share your personal experience below.

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