Hollywood Celebrities Death – List of Celebrities Died in 2018

Hollywood Celebrities Death – List of Celebrities Died in 2018

Death is something that all of us fear of and we pray every single day and hope that this uninvited guest never enters our lives. Despite so many prayers, we often lose someone who is very close to our heart. The death of our dear ones is something that haunts us like a nightmare and makes our life pessimistic.

Hollywood celebrities death in 2018 deeply sorrwed their lot of fans, not just because of their talent but due to the fact that they too have a special place in their hearts. Most of us have witnessed these recent celebrity deaths on various social media websites in 2018. Let us have a look at these celebrities and recall their great achievements during their life terms.

Now we will be revealing the list of Hollywood celebrities death in 2018:

Penny Marshal Hollywood Celebrities Death 2018

1. Penny Marshall

Penny Marshall is a very popular celebrity in Hollywood. As we all know she was a stupendous actress, director as well as a producer. This famous American celebrity died in the year 2018 due to diabetes and heart failure.

Sondra Locke Hollywood Celebrities Death 2018

2. Sondra Locke

Sondra is a name that we can never miss out in this list. She had a very precious place in the Hollywood industry as an actress and director. She died in 2018 due to breast and bone cancer.

Ken Berry Hollywood Celebrities Death 2018

3. Ken Berry

He is one of the most memorable actors of Hollywood whose name still comes out of every human being’s mouth. His highly commendable performance is still applauded and but unfortunately, he died in 2018.

Stephen Hillenburg Hollywood Celebrities Death 2018

4. Stephen Hillenburg

How many of you are fond of the SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon series? There are many of us who even have the stuff toys of Spongebob and the famous creator of this wonderful cartoon series died last year.

Bernardo Hollywood Celebrities Death 2018

5. Bernardo Bertolucci

He is the famous Oscar-winning Hollywood personality who has set an example to the entire world. His death still irks his fans and most of the human beings who were highly inspired by his work.

Ricky Jay Hollywood Celebrities Death 2018

6. Ricky Jay

I am sure most of us must have watched his magical shows. There are many magicians in the world but his magical tricks were something that had a unique concept and even after death he is remembered by all.

Marty Balin Hollywood Celebrities Death 2018

7. Marty Balin

If we will talk about the top musician, Marty’s name can never be skipped. His works and voice have always been perfect and soulful to every human ear. His death not only made his family sad but also touched his fans.

Aretha Franklin Hollywood Celebrities Death 2018

8. Aretha Franklin

Aretha is a very popular musician of her times and has always been a highly rated singer. Her voice still echoes in our ears. She is one of the talented musicians who died in 2018.

Mac Miller Hollywood Celebrities Death 2018

9. Mac Miller

Rappers became popular with the passing years as this unique form of music is liked by every person in this world. Mac Miller was one such famous rapper who always created magic with his songs.

Burt Reynolds Hollywood Celebrities Death 2018

10. Burt Reynolds

Burt’s acting on-screen has always received positive feedback of the viewers and the spark in his expressions and his confident body language made him win several awards. However, he died in 2018 which was a very heart-touching day for all of us.

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