List of Famous Indian Celebrities Suffering (or Suffered) Due to Cancer – Updated

List of Famous Indian Celebrities Suffering (or Suffered) Due to Cancer – Updated

Cancer is one of such diseases that not only leave people physically weak but also make them psychologically unwell. As cancer is one of those diseases that spread over time and in most of the cases it is not curable. However, the time has changed and so is medical science. Today, many people are surviving cancer and winning over this horrendous disease. There are many celebrities with cancer still alive and doing well in their respective fields. Here is the list of famous celebs suffering and died of cancer.

  1. Tahira Kashyap

    Tahira Kashayp BaldAyushmann Khurrana’s wife Tahira Kashyap is one of the strongest women in India. Instead of weeping over her loss and situation, she is struggling to survive her breast cancer and posting several tweets related to her hard struggles. Seriously, our country needs women like Taira who encourage people to fight till the last breath.
  2. Rakesh Roshan

    Rakesh Roshan Cancer
    Hrithik Roshan’s smile vanished the day he was informed by medical experts that his father Rakesh Roshan is suffering from throat cancer. He could feel that pain that his father is going through but unfortunately can’t do anything instead of being patient. But, Rakesh didn’t lose his calm and is always seen smiling and boosting the confidence of his family to see him recover soon.
  3. Sonali Bendre

Sonali Bendre Health News

Today one more name has been added to the list of celebrities diagnosed with cancer. A Veteran actress Sonali Bendre suffered from high-grade cancer. Today she has published a note for her fans and friends, then this thing comes publicly.

yuvraj singh celebrities suffered from cancer

4. Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh is one of the leading names in celebrities who has survived cancer. In the year 2011, while playing World Cup he falls sick. As soon as the tournament was over, he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer at stage 1. The player was awarded as Man of the Tournament while he was battling with cancer. He went to the United States for his treatment and came back totally cured after a year. He is a winner who won the battle.

manisha koirala celebrities suffered from cancer

5. Monisha Koirala

Monisha Koirala is an actress from Hindi Film Industry. She was diagnosed with cancer when she was 42 years old. She was a leading actress in Bollywood when she was suffering from ovarian cancer. In the year 2012, she came to know about her disease. Leaving the entire Bollywood world she left the cinema at that very moment. After several surgeries and chemotherapies, she was declared cancer-free in the year 2015.

During her treatment, she went through psychological breakdowns. Since she survived the disease, she started supporting various NGOs and organizations that help cancer patients. If we talk about celebrities with cancer 2018 still has Monisha’s name on the top as a successful cancer survivor.

Lisa Ray celebrities suffered from cancer

6. Lisa Ray

Lisa Ray is another beautiful Indian actress from today’s Hindi Cinema. Ray was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer in the year 2009. She had Multiple Myeloma. In this sort, cancer hits the white blood cells in the bone marrow. This type of rare cancers are treatable, but, unfortunately, not curable.

Lisa underwent stem cell transplant treatment in 2009. She was declared cancer-free in the year 2010. She took her social media handles to announce that she is cancer-free now, but, it is not fully cured as this disease is treatable but not curable.

rajesh khanna celebrities suffered from cancer

7. Rajesh Khanna

Rajesh Khanna was a legendary Indian actor from the 60s era. He had been in the top position of Indian films for a long time. Rajesh Khanna was named as ‘First Superstar of Indian Cinema’ during his era. He also joined politics later and served his party successfully for a few years.

He was diagnosed with cancer in the year 2011. After fighting hard for one year, he passed away in the year 2012. He was 69 years old when he died of cancer. He was under chemotherapy for the last year.

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mumtaz celebrities suffered from cancer

8. Mumtaz

Talking about Mumtaz actress cancer had hit her as well. A very charming and timeless beautiful Mumtaz was an Indian actress from the 60s era. She had seen in many blockbuster movies of that time as a leading lady opposite to Late Mr. Rajesh Khanna, Dilip Kumar, Shammi Kapoor and many more.

She was 54 years when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent surgeries and treatment for a long time. Today, at the age of 65, she is still doing fine and having a cancer-free life. Mumtaz was battling cancer for a long time and successfully won the fight.

Nargis Dutt celebrities suffered from cancer

9. Nargis Dutt

Nargis Dutt was an Indian actress from 40s and 50s era. She was not only a successful leading lady of the Hindi Cinema Industry but also was the spouse of legendary actor Sunil Dutt. She lost her battle with cancer a week before her son Sanjay Dutt’s debut film Rocky.

Nargis was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer sometimes in 1980. She went to New York for her treatment. After returning back to India, she was admitted to hospital again as she was deteriorating. She went to coma and a day later she passed away.

aadesh shrivastava celebrities suffered from cancer

10. Aadesh Shrivastava

Another name in the list of Indian celebrities who died of cancer is Aadesh Shrivastava. He was a music composer and singer of today’s Bollywood generation. He passed away due to cancer at very early age. He was only 51 when he could not win over the disease after fighting for hardly 40 days.

After diagnosed with cancer, Aadesh underwent treatment. Unfortunately he could not get cured. Things got worse and after relentless battle, he lost the game.You must read a list of celebrities died young

anurag basu celebrities suffered from cancer

11. Anurag Basu

Anurag Basu, an ace director of current era, could not escape from the attack of this disease as well. He was diagnosed with cancer in the year 2004. Not many from the industry or fans know about this fact. He was told by the doctors that he might live for mere 3 months with this sort of blood cancer.

However, the man fought for three long years to win over the disease successfully. It is been 14 years now, he is fit and cancer-free completely.

vinod khanna celebrities suffered from cancer

12. Vinod Khanna

Vinod Khanna is one of the most desirable men in India Cinema during 70s & 80s era. The man left us at the age of 70 years. He was diagnosed with advanced bladder cancer. The man was not keeping well for a long time. He was admitted to the hospital before few days of his death. Do read, list of celebrities those who died recently.

barbara mori celebrities suffered from cancer

13. Barbara Mori

Barbara Mori is one of the Bollywood actresses suffering from diseases like cancer. She was seen in the film Kites with Hrithik Roshan in the year 2010. The young girl was diagnosed with cancer in the same year. Fortunately, it was very early stage of cancer and curable. She underwent treatment for a brief period of time and came out of the disease in the same year 2010. The actress is now working and doing fine after 8 years of hitting by the disease.

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