Does Cycling Increase Height?

Does Cycling Increase Height?

We’ve often heard that our height is tied closely to our genetics. We’re “doomed” or “blessed” depending on how our parents’ genes line up.

However, as we look back in history, it is becoming clear that our forefathers used to be shorter. For example, the average height of the soldier in the civil war was 5 foot 8 inches. Remember that during the American Civil war, it was only men who were enlisted.

Today, most of our female runway models are that tall or taller.

The modern America military has a height average that is 2 inches taller. Our soldiers now have an average height of 5 feet 10 inches.

So it is clear that there is more than just genetics at play.

As we compare the heights of humans in third world countries with those of similar genetic heritage, but in more developed countries, we find that there is a clear advantage to having access to adequate food and clean water.

Even if you have the genetics for height, you need to put the body in an environment that unlocks those genetics and allows them to be expressed to their fullest.

In this article, we want to look at a couple of environmental factors that you can control. by manipulating these factors you can take control of your height and, hopefully, add a few inches to your stature.

1. Exercise

We’re huge fans of cycling. It is a low-impact sport that does not cost much to get involved in. You can do it by yourself or with friends.

Everyone wants an exercise that will make them taller. The best exercise for getting taller is Yoga. Yoga stretches the ligaments and enables your body to have the added space it needs to stretch and grow. Frequent yoga releases your fascia and releases your body to grow to the maximum height.

Cycling increases height well with yoga in that it strengthens your muscles to support the taller frame. Unlike weight lifting which can easily cause life-long injuries when performed improperly, cycling is soothing to the body and strengthens it without injury.

An ideal sequence is to start with 30 minutes of cycling to loosen the body. Then, you follow the cycling session with 30 minutes of yoga to lengthen the body.

To get started cycling for increase height, you just need a cheap bike. has some of the best deals on bikes that you can find online.

2. Boost The Vitamins

The Food pyramid recommends that we get at least 2 cups of vegetables per day.

There aren’t many of us who eat enough vegetables.

it could likely be that if you flooded your body with a sufficient amount of vegetables and nutrition, you would unlock your height potential.

Stock your freezer with packs of mixed vegetables that you can quickly microwave and make sure to eat 2 cups a day.

Then, supplement this natural nutrition further with one multi-vitamin a day. A broad-spectrum multivitamin will ensure that any gaps in your diet are adequately filled.

3. Protein It Up

Protein powers your body. Your muscles are all protein-fueled.

Studies have demonstrated that high-protein diets have the best weight loss benefit. If you eat a high-protein diet, it will be challenging to gain fat.

Muscles gains, however, are easy.

One of the biggest correlations between height and environmental factors is the amount of protein in the diet. In a study published in Milk Genomics, they found strong correlations between eating high-quality proteins and height.

Americans are often shorter than folks with similar genetic builds in other countries, only because the American diet tends to eat from a limited range of proteins.

An excellent example of this is the Dutch who are the tallest (on average) in Europe. As a culture, they eat a large quantity of animal proteins in ratio to vegetable proteins they eat.

This protein-rich diet ensures that their body gets the daily nutrition it needs.

The microwave-ready meals that dominate our diet are filled with animal-derived fillers. Whiles these have some proteins in them, they don’t offer the diversity of the amino acids that eating whole meat or dairy offers.

4. Intermittent Fasting To Boost Height Hormones

Human Growth Hormone is essential for adding both height and muscle.

One of the best ways to boost your Growth Hormone naturally is by not eating 18 hours a day.

When the body fasts for an extended period, it begins to shift energy from processing food to repairing the body. This repair process stimulates enormous amounts of growth hormone.

Some of the most ripped personalities (such as Hugh Jackman) use intermittent fasting to boost their growth hormone. Then, at the end of the fast, it is time to work out, stretch and eat.

This is the perfect combination of exercises and hormones for growth, and each step synergizes off of the previous one.

5. Stretch Your Back

You’ve run across this before, but the best thing you can do to increase your height is to fight gravity by hanging upside down on an inversion table.

These inversion tables help to create space between the spine and allow for a straighter, more natural back shape.

It is quite common to experience small =, but immediate height gains after a single session of hanging upside down. However, gravity wants to have its way as well, so the inversion table has to be used on a daily basis to make sure you are continually making progress towards your goal.

Cycling to increase height Is Just One Piece Of The Puzzle

As you can see, several pieces work together to increase height.

By synergizing them together, you can, over extended periods of time, get the height growth you are seeking.

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