Viral Aunty’s Comments have Gone Viral – Short dresses are Obscene & Girls aren’t Safe Due to this?

The nation’s capital is again in the headlines because of rape. Well, sorry let me correct myself not because of rape but because of the mentality surrounding what leads to rape and how the women in society should behave.

Yesterday was a normal day in the life of an aunty who commented on a group of young girls who were wearing short clothes that these are the girls who deserve to be raped. She further added that these short clothes attract men and led to a shameful act of rape.

Viral Aunty’s Comments have Gone Viral and Left India thinking

Viral Aunty’s Comments have Gone Viral and Left India thinking

“You’re recording no? Hello guys. These ladies want to wear short to short dresses to encourage all to see them. All these ladies wear short dresses or get naked to [get] raped.” These were the exact word of the middle-aged woman who is now referred to as aunty.

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She didn’t stop here. She went forward and asked men sitting there to come and rape these girls as they deserve the same. The video went viral on social sites within no time.

Viral Aunty’s Comments have Gone Viral and Left India thinking

Viral Aunty’s Comments have Gone Viral and Left India thinking

And that’s not all. There is a second part to the story. She then soon went to a shopping mall where some of the girls from the earlier group followed her and kept questioning her. You can see in the video that the aunt is trying to ignore these ladies. But the lady didn’t stop and kept asking her to apologize.

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Later some more young girls also came to her rescue and started asking her why do young girls and infants and women aged 80 years get raped? Is that because of the clothes they wear? To which she replied, “They might be psychic”. Well, her video gained a lot of praise on social media where people are commenting that women should dress up properly and their costumes are the primary reason why they are victimized or molested.

Well, this is a grave topic for discussion and we are also left wondering on the same. You must be heard so much outrage against Delhi Aunty for past 2 days, but you must read the comments below who are supporting Delhi Aunty and commenting against the gals in the video.

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Decide yourself who is who. Share your opinion with us.


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