Can Height Grow after 30?

grow taller after 30

Most of the adults, who have reached the age of 25, or 30, even 40, at some point in their life wish that they could increase their height. Various sites suggest methods that can be used to increase height even after the age of 30. Unfortunately, an adult cannot do much to increase their height after certain age even with the proper nutrition and exercises. Even though there have been a number of grow taller after 30 success stories, in most of the cases, not much can be done and what is more important is to prevent the possible loss of height in that age.

What are the ways to increase height after 30?

Even though there is nothing that you can do as an adult, because the growth plates that are present in the bones have closed for good, there are ways in which you can make yourself appear taller [1]. There are many people who do not want to take any kind of medication and such people usually ask how to increase height after 30 naturally. One of the things that can be done to make you appear taller is to practice proper posture. Standing up and sitting with the correct posture cannot only make you look taller but also help in reducing back pain and headache [2].

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There are a number of core exercises that can strengthen your core muscles. When these muscles are not strong enough, it can lead to a compressed spinal cord, which may lead to slouching [3]. This is one of the prominent reasons for weight loss in adults. One can strengthen these core muscles with the help of certain exercises like planks and abdominal crunches. These exercises will help you keep the spine healthy and without any compression, thus resulting in proper and tall posture.[4]

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When the questions come to how to increase height after 30 by medicine, homeopathic treatment is considered an answer. Homeopathic medicine has gained lot of trust and popularity because of its quick effectiveness without any side effects. The medicines to grow the height of adults over 30 can help in harmonizing the spinal cord and the muscles that help in keeping the posture proper. However, there are a number of things that one should keep in mind before they take these medicines. They should be taken in a proper proportion and the result differs from person to person. These medicines can also be given to people above 20 and in this case, as well, the results will differ according to present physical development of the individual [5] [6].

There are various other ways that are considered by number of individuals in the process of increasing height after 30. However, the results of these techniques are subjective and differ from person to person because of various qualities of human bodies. There have also been various assumptions that whether increase height after 30 years of age possible by swimming [7]. There have not been any definite results regarding this assumption and one cannot surely say whether it is an effective way. In order to conclude, much cannot be done to increase height after 30, but one can take certain steps to prevent the loss of height.

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