Bhuwan Chauhan 1st Indian bodybuilder in Mens Physique Division to qualify for Olympia 2019

Indian bodybuilding is achieving heights with every passing day as Kai Greene gave a prediction about Indian bodybuilding, coming true. The sport is extremely popular in India and Asian countries. But what is important here is that the sport is considered as insanely crazily popular among Indian youth. They are following the sport like anything and one such youth is Bhuwan Chauhan.

Indian competitive weightlifter and instructor Bhuwan Chauhan ventured into the field of bodybuilding at a very tender age. He was interested in these sports since he was 17 years old. He started competing since the year 2016 and very soon became a member of the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness. He also won the overall champion category at the Ben Weider Legacy cup in 2017.

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He secured the first position in the year 2016 at the Alberta Provincial Bodybuilding Championship.

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He went ahead and quit his professional engineering career in the year 2018 and since then he started working as an online coach or mentor to the teens. His next dream was to qualify for the 2019 Olympia.

And the young lad successfully did that. He has right now become the 1st Indian bodybuilder to qualify for Olympia 2019 under the men’s physique division. Earlier, and took Indian bodybuilding to the International platforms successfully.

Let’s congratulate the boy and wish him all the best step for winning Mr. Olympia. It really feels extremely positive to watch the sport flourishing. Even Kai Greene on his recent to visit also mentioned that bodybuilding has got a huge response in India.

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