A small town girl becomes a fitness star in Bikini and heels

Bhavsara bikini bodybuilder India

A 33-year-old Bhavsar is a salwar Kameez woman who was leading a simple life with her conservative family and in-laws. After her thyroid issues and her postpartum weight gain, she went to a gym and lost weight quickly but never was interested in bodybuilding or fitness of any kind. She is one such girl who has never even worn jeans all her life.

But her outlook towards her body changes when she took part in an intense workout session entailing Crossfit training on Aksa Beach and Sanjay Gandhi national park. You won’t believe but her washboard abs developed within 45 days. And that’s how the journey started.

Bhavsara posing in Bikini and Heels

Her husband suggested that why is she not interested in bodybuilding. And that’s when a lady who was struggling to ends meet with her job, motherhood and family issues. She started participating at different bodybuilding shows and one day her bikini-clad pictures landed at her home and her very conservative father in law was furious. It took good six months to make him understand that bikini is the uniform in the bodybuilding competitions. Her mom also was furious on her daughter.

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But now her son is extremely proud when his friends call his mom a “supermodel” and say

Bhavsara Bikini and Heels Bodybuilder

“your mom is fit mine is fat”.

Her son chooses her bikinis from the hundreds of shiny ones. But life was again hard on the brave lady when just before her first ever international competition her mother expired.

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Her words were

“Bring me gold”.

But Bhavsar recalls

“I was in no state to participate,” 

But her husband held her back and kept applying ice on her face while actually swelled up because of excessive crying. And then when she was on the stage, then she saw other hulk bodybuilders from all over the world competing against her. She literally had goosebumps then and she finally stood fifth in the competition and was extremely excited that she could feature among the top 10.

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