Best TENS Unit Reviews – Top 10 for 2019

You have innumerable ways to get rid of pain. One of the best things for your help is the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or a TENS unit. If you get the best unit, you have the most effective way to alleviate pain in different parts of your body.

TENS unit is a small portable device that needs battery to run. It relieves pain by sending mild and safe electrical signals to the affected areas of your body. This device can be your own physiotherapist that can alleviate back pain due to disc problem or spine degeneration. Cancer patients suffering from pain or chronic headaches can also use this device to soothe themselves. Inflammatory conditions like muscle soreness can also be treated using this device. However, before purchasing one such machine, you should consider the basic features of the device and your necessities.

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Choosing the best devices can work wonders:

The TENS units have sticky patches that are called electrodes which are put on skin to transmit electric signals to the nerves below the affected area. The units generate stimulating pulses which blocks the pain signals to the brain and so work wonders in alleviating pain.

In addition to relieving pain, these units also aid in stimulating your body to produce natural painkillers in the body – Endorphins, which gives natural feeling of well-being. Using the device gives a feeling of tingling on the body part wherever applied.

Enlisted here are top ten TENS units that could be best for use at homes:

  1. Healthmate Forever Handheld Body Massager

Healthmate Forever Handheld Body MassagerBest TENS Unit Reviews - Top 10 for 2019 1

This is a compact and sophisticated unit powered by lithium battery, and proves beneficial when instant relief from muscle pain is required. It is more like a pain management unit releasing electronic pulses to relax and rejuvenate muscles.

The electrotherapy unit is laden with robust features like six massage modes with 20 strength levels so that you can undergo therapeutic sessions as per your specific needs. Bring this unit home and you can get instant relief from a number of conditions like arthritis, golf elbow and tennis elbow. Charge once and you can use it for 15 hours. Also, the device comes with unique LCD display to deliver ultimate level of user-friendliness.

Impressive features:

  • Adjustable setting and user-friendly interface
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery that allow you using this device for 15 hours when charged fully
  • Comes with 8 pieces of adhesive pads allow using on multiple areas altogether
  • 6 types of pre-programmed massage modes
  • Alleviates pain and rejuvenate muscles
  • Great choice for those who travel a lot

What you may not like?

It may give small jolt, which is not painful but you may find it annoying.


  1. TruMedic TENS Pulse Massager

TruMedic TENS Pulse MassagerBest TENS Unit Reviews - Top 10 for 2019 2
This is an electronic pulse massager and a handy stress relaxant device that can give you relief from stiffness, chronic pain, soreness and other physical discomfort caused by various reasons.

You can rely on this device as it is ISO-9001 certified, FDA approved and manufactured as per the highest standards. It is available with 5 simulation programmes to address a broad range of discomforts in all types of muscles.

Impressive features:

  • Speed settings, 5 simulation programmes, adjustable intensity, 3 massage settings, and high frequency pulses
  • Comes with LCD display to monitor the readings while operating the unit
  • Buttons with clear labelling like hands, shoulders, waveform or not pulse width
  • Compact and light in weight – in the size of a remote control
  • Helps in both chronic and acute pain
  • Can treat many muscle groups
  • Saves time

What you may not like?

This unit is called TENS, but it is more of an electronic muscle stimulator or in short EMS with many valuable features. A great muscle relaxant, it works differently from a TENS unit.


  1. TruMedic PRO Deluxe TENS Unit

TruMedic PRO Deluxe TENS UnitBest TENS Unit Reviews - Top 10 for 2019 3

It raises the bar for the massage industry as it is capable of handling up to two hours of massage sessions. The most notable thing is its impressing potential for pain relief. It is a dual channels machine that comes with various striking features.

Remarkable features:

  • Offers digital control for both right and left channels
  • Offers 20 power levels ranging from very mild to powerful
  • Addresses a range of muscle pain, and relaxes muscles
  • Backlit LCD for digital readings for status, time remaining, knead, and beat
  • Light weight and compact machine, designed to offer convenience
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

What you may not like?

Some buyers find it expensive, but it is worth the money for the kind of services it offers.

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  1. HealthMateForever Touch Screen 12 Mode

HealthMateForever Touch Screen 12 ModeBest TENS Unit Reviews - Top 10 for 2019 4

It is a twelve mode massager that combines the features of some of the best device on the market. A dual channel device, it comes with adjustable features to set your own frequency and intensity. It can alleviate a broad range of pain efficiently and effectively.

Impressive features:

  • Session timer ranging from 10 to 80 minutes
  • Dual channel with independent adjustment
  • 20 intensity levels and 12 modes
  • Allows using 4 electrode pads at once
  • Easy navigation with stylus pen
  • 100 signals per second
  • Best unit with an array of features and functions
  • Easy to operate, compact
  • Efficiency that no other device can match

What you may not like?

One user has to claim that one channel seems weak when both are put at work. However, company representative has to say that both the channels are independent. So it is good to contact customer representative when using the device.


  1. Healthmate Forever Pro 8AB

Healthmate Forever Pro 8ABBest TENS Unit Reviews - Top 10 for 2019 5

This is an innovative device that unites features from both EMS and TENS. Offering intensity control and 8 modes & speed, it provides the best way to provide treatment to every area of your body.

It is compact and light in weight device than other options and allows easy handling even when travelling.

Impressive features:

  • FDA approved device for home use (maintains safety and performance standards)
  • Causes no harm to your body
  • It is like two machine in one and works on two areas of the body at once
  • A combo of EMS and TENS unit
  • Offers 100% relief from pain
  • Two independent outputs ensuring different intensities
  • Has enough power to last for an entire day
  • Can relief muscle and joint pain

What you may not like?

Some customers find it costly. But, it gives lifetime warranty so it is worth the money you spend.


  1. Healthmateforever Rechargeable

    Healthmate Forever Rechargeable

This is an EMS unit that stimulates tight muscles and loosens them. It comes with 6 modes and 4 pads at its disposal to perform a variety of tasks including pain relief, promoting blood circulation and relaxing muscles.

You will find it easier to use for its animated LCD display and clear labels. The rechargeable lithium battery allows ten hours of usage without using pause button.

Notable features:

  • Light in weight, compact and easy to carry
  • Six pre-programmed massage modes – Acupuncture, Tuina, Bodybuilding, Gausha, Tapping and Combination.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery ensure ten hours of continuous use
  • Four pads for use on different areas
  • Timer setting and 20 levels of intensity
  • Dual output
  • Alleviates a range of pains
  • High quality of customer service

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What you may not like?

Made with plastic that makes it appear cheap. However, it doesn’t have to do anything with its effectiveness.


  1. Tens Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager

Tens Handheld Electronic Pulse MassagerBest TENS Unit Reviews - Top 10 for 2019 6
This handheld electronic massager is featured with six simulation programs to soothe muscle and joint pain. Using this product can bring satisfying results – thanks to the sophisticated technology used in manufacturing.

Notable features:

  • Fully adjustable intensity and speeds to address specific requirements
  • Lighter than a remote control
  • Comes with four attachment pads to work on several body parts at once
  • Intuitive buttons to ensure easy operations
  • Ensures high-frequency stimulation to alleviate stress, relive chronic muscle pain and soothe muscle soreness and stiffness
  • LCD display to show intensity, time remaining and massage style
  • Designed to ensure user satisfaction
  • Compact design makes it easy to carry while travelling
  • Reliable battery

What you may not like?

May need added power to work well on deep tissues.


  1. Omron Pain Relief Pro

Omron Pain Relief ProBest TENS Unit Reviews - Top 10 for 2019 7
It is a popular device in the medical and fitness world for its efficiency and simplicity. The device works well on the classic TENS technology to soothe pain and discomfort. It’s been used in medical and therapeutic facilities for more than three decades.

Notable features:

  • It’s FDA approved
  • Designed to ensure safety and reliability
  • Features a simple LCD screen to note readings
  • Clear text buttons
  • Ensures simple operations
  • Gives ten intensity levels to customise as per your specific needs
  • Eight presets

What you may not like?

It needs more power than other devices to work efficiently.


  1. iReliev Tens Massager Unit

iReliev Tens Massager UnitBest TENS Unit Reviews - Top 10 for 2019 8
It is a startling device that is available with 8 presets to ensure customisation depending on the type of pain you are having – chronic or acute. You can also wear it while travelling or when in office without anyone noticing it. The device uses iReliev patented technology to offer high degree of efficiency.

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Impressive features:

  • Extremely light in weight – just 15.2 ounces
  • Also relives arthritic pain
  • Available with a holster and a carry clip
  • Attributed with dual channel setting
  • LCD display reflects adjustable timer, power level, program mode, battery life, intensity level
  • Automatic locking

What you may not like?

Some users find it expensive, but it is undoubtedly worthwhile.


  1. PurePulse Electronic Pulse Massager

PurePulse Electronic Pulse MassagerBest TENS Unit Reviews - Top 10 for 2019 9

It comes with three impressive bodywork programs – massage, beat and knead. This unit is of great help against acute pain, chronic pain, muscle stiffness, soreness and fever. The device is dual channelled to work on different body parts with different intensities. Also, it can give six mode stimulation to target different body parts – shoulders, soles, joints, waist, legs and hands. It appears bigger in size than other devices, but offers high level of customisation with its various operating buttons.

Notable features:

  • LCD display to give you relevant information about massage sessions – remaining time, settings, modes, etc.
  • No prescription required
  • Dual channel to address your specific needs
  • Ensures 6 stimulation modes to target all specific muscle groups of your body
  • FDA approved and also offered with one-year warranty to offer satisfaction

What you may not like?

Some users want an improvement in the design, especially the battery space as it requires special adjustment to fit the battery at the right place. It may not hamper usage if read the manual carefully.


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Piya C
Piya C is internet savvy health and lifestyle blogger. She covers beauty, relationship, diet and many more topics. #blogger #author Want to connect with me? Follow me. I reply my every DM & tweet.
Best TENS Unit Reviews - Top 10 for 2019 12
Piya C is internet savvy health and lifestyle blogger. She covers beauty, relationship, diet and many more topics. #blogger #author Want to connect with me? Follow me. I reply my every DM & tweet.

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