30 Bridal Eye Makeup Looks for 2019

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Women always look pretty but they look the prettiest when they dress up for their wedding days. Being a bride and marrying a Prince Charming is the dream of every Indian woman. For this day, she just calls up the best beauty salons and fixes the appointments beforehand so that she stands out in the crowd and looks adorable with her groom. Women are highly dependent on beauty parlors for their bridal makeup but at times they are not satisfied with the eye makeup. Since it is a wedding day one just cannot afford a single mistake in any makeup. So, every woman must decide beforehand which eye makeup will suit her the most on her wedding day an instruct the beautician to do the same. Recently, we have published a post on List of Best Indian Vegetables for Weight Loss and now we are going to showcase photos of eye makeup for bride:

This is one of the best Indian bridal eye makeup photos and is trending nowadays. The eye shadow is entirely glittery and is accompanied by perfectly winged eye liner and kajal.

This is a very simple eye makeup pictures and can be adopted if you want to keep your makeup light and simple. The eye liner line is very thin and hence the makeup is very much visible.

If you are deciding to keep a smoky eye makeup for a wedding then you can try the one in the above picture. The contours in this eye makeup are clearly visible.

This is somewhat similar to the eye makeup shown before this one but in this eye makeup the eye shadow is dark and the outer contour is dark.

This is a three layer contour makeup in which the center constitutes three shades and the outer layer is of a darker shade.

If your wedding dress is of dark red or red colour then this makeup will look perfect on it. The eye shadow should be of golden and red colour combination.

This is another popular eye makeup of golden shade. In this one, only golden shade has been used and the eye liner layer is thick with a perfect wing at the corner.

If you are fond of glittery eye makeup then why don’t you try this one? Just pick up two perfect shade and add glitter to them. It’ll look lovely on bridal sarees.

The above picture highlights one of the best eye makeups with blue shade. This goes very well on blue or pink dresses and will give you a royal look.

This is one of the latest bridal eye makeups and is adopted by many people during their weddings. In this, you have to be very careful while highlighting the contours as the shades must be differentiated.

The above picture reflects the bold eye makeup in which you use red and black colour shades which are covered thickly by eye liner lining.

Another eye makeup photo for light and simple eye makeup is above. Her makeup is very light yet attractive, isn’t it?

All those who are planning to wear green colour eye shadows on eyes then you must definitely try the above makeup style. Yellow and green combination just gives a wedding feel.

If you are wearing a light colour saree then you can definitely prefer a matching colour eye shadow makeup as you can see in the picture above.

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This is one of the most unique eye makeups for wedding. In this you have to cover your upper eyes area with light shade and lower eyes area with dark shade.

If your wedding dress has any shade related to silver colour then the glittery eye makeup in the above picture will give you a classy appearance.

Now, this one is another perfect eye makeup style for green and golden colour combination shades covered by a sparkly texture.

In the above picture, you may just witness red colour but this eye makeup basically includes three colours- red, brown, golden. You just have to contrast and blend them together.

Using pink and orange colour combination, you can make a very creative eye makeup as shown in the picture above.

The above eye makeup will definitely give you a barbie doll and royal look. It is a very popular colour combination eye makeup for brides.

In the above picture, the eyes have been shaded with sparkly silver and golden shadow and an artificial eyelash is attached above it to highlight your makeup in the most attractive manner.

If you want an entirely blue shade makeup then you can try the above one. Remember to keep your eye liner layer thin as you are just using one shade of blue.

This is a latest fashion eye makeup and is adopted by many salons for bridal makeup. In this the below eye area is covered with a line of sparkly shade.

This is another creative eye makeup for marriage. You have to use two colours for kajal- either yellow or green and black.

Blue and purple have always been perfect blending shades and gives a royal and classy look to all those who use this colour combination.

The golden sparkle above the red shade is clearly visible in the above eye makeup and highlights the real Indian beauty of a bride.

Pink an silver colour combination is usually used in parties but it looks great even during weddings. You can aopt the above eye makeup if your dress colour is pink.

This is a very popular parrot eye makeup in which light green and golden colour are used. It is a preferable bridal eye makeup colour combination.

Isn’t the above eye makeup looking appealing? This is seriously the best makeup to reveal the features in the most attractive way.

The above picture is not just a simple eye makeup, but is accompanied by designs that enhances the beauty of the eye makeup and reflects it perfectly.

Which eye makeup are you planning to adopt for your wedding day? Please mention the reason of your choice below. Like and share the post if you found it helpful.

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