Ladies Man – Yuvraj Singh’s Girlfriends

Yuvraj Singh, the cricket maestro who put down his shoes some days back has been earning accolades as far as his career is concerned. But when it comes to his personal life, then no doubt it is also one of the most talked about subjects.

Yuvraj Singh is now married to Bollywood lady Hazel Keech. But before his marriage, he was quite famous among the girls and had numerous affairs. Do check the list of cricketers and their wives

Let us have a look at Yuvraj Singh’s long list of girlfriends –

1.Deepika Padukone –

Deepika Padukone - Yuvraj Singh Girlfriend

Let’s begin with some of the most popular ones. Our lady love was also involved with the Singh guy for some time. She was seen cheering for her in the stands and she was also a regular at the after cricket parties. We don’t know the reason why they drifted away.

2. Riya Sen –

Riya Sen - Yuvraj Singh Girlfriend

This bong beauty also had some brief time in Yuvraj Singh’s love life. The two were seen at numerous public events and even ad shoots. But it seems that love also faded from their life as well.

3. Neha Dhupia –

Neha Dhupia - Yuvraj Singh Girlfriend

Neha Dhupia and Yuvraaj Singh were said to be romantically linked in 2014 at Sophie Choudhary’s birthday bash. The two arrived at the party together and left also together. Now, both of them are married to their relative selves and it seems that we will never know the truth.

4. Minissha Lamba –

Minnisha Lamba- Yuvraj Singh Girlfriend

In 2011, a picture leaked online in which Minissha and Yuvraj were found kissing. When asked then Minissha said that it was some other girl who resembled her closely. Well, we are still thinking who was that gorgeous girl.

5. Preeti Jhangiani –

Preeti Jhangiani- Yuvraj Singh Girlfriend

After his breakup with Kim Sharma, the actor dated another Mohabbatein girl Preeti Jhangiani. Rumors confirm that both of them dated for a while but the two of them have always denied this.

6. Kim Sharma –

Kim sharma- Yuvraj Singh Girlfriend
Ladies Man – Yuvraj Singh

The two were seen together during 2007. And this is one of the longest relationships of Yuvraj which lasted for around 4 years. But they had to part ways because of Yuvraj’s mother’s disapproval of Kim. While some also have to say that Kim Sharma had an abusive behavior.

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7. Aanchal Kumar –

Aanchal Kumar - Yuvraj Singh Girlfriend

Yuvraj has also dated his childhood buddy Aanchal Kumar for some time. The two were seen holding hands at some public event and then the lady also disappeared from his life very soon.

8. Preity Zinta –

Pretty Zinta - Yuvraj Singh Girlfriend

The rumors of an IPL player and IPL co-owner of the same team has been doing rounds for some time. A picture was seen in which the two were hugging but Preity denied it and blasted the media saying it was not a romantic hug but a normal hug.

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Ladies Man – Yuvraj Singh's Girlfriends 2
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