Meet the World’s Shortest Bodybuilder

Meet the World’s Shortest Bodybuilder

World’s shortest bodybuilder is a 25-year-old man from Greensburg, Pennsylvania and he is an Instagram sensation. The guy is just 4’1”.

He has more than 35,000 followers on Instagram and the man is popularly known as “Mini Hulk”. Vince Brasco suffers from a condition which is known as achondroplasia. It is one of the most common forms of dwarfism where the arms and legs of the person are shorter than the normal person but the torso is just like an adult person.

He is a regular at the gym and he believes that’s what keeps him motivated. He says

“I started competing because with dwarfism, a lot of people have a weight problem and I did not want to be like that,”

He also further added that he wanted to be a role model at dwarfism and wanted to inspire others who are unable to make it big in the world of bodybuilding due to some of the other limitations.

Brasco was overweight but he joined the gym. He started his professional coaching and soon within a month he lost a significant amount of body fat. But it was his dedication which kept him moving. He credits his fellow bodybuilders like Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, Kai Greene as his role models. He is now successful to bench press more than three times his body weight.

He is one of the most successful bodybuilders of present times. He has been part of a number of professional bodybuilding shows but he was sad to state that he still encounters issues because of his size. He said

“Discrimination is always in the air when I am around,”

He further added

“I never let it get to me because they are not in my shoes and I will never stop doing something I love because of someone’s petty bullsh*t. I will keep being the best I can be and if you do not like it then it does not bother me,”

Brasco had 15 major surgeries to combat health issues related to his dwarfism but he still makes it a point to train every day. He also has a personal coach too. In addition to bodybuilding, he is also the world’s shortest firefighter and he volunteers his services at Pennsylvania fire station.

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“Because I can lift so much, I’m handy at salvage jobs where we have to move heavy bits of metal debris – like after car accidents. And it means I can be part of the line of men using a hose. If you weren’t strong enough that thing would fly out of control,” said Brasco.

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