How to Keep Your Face Looking Young

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We all want it: Fresh, vibrant-looking skin that makes us look young and energetic. Unfortunately, few of us can attain that naturally-youthful appearance. Hormones make hair grow in places it never grew before. Stress gives us wrinkles. Too much time in the sun gives us age spots, while too little time in the sun leaves us looking wan and washed-out. And worst of all, everyone’s skin is a little different, which makes it hard to seek advice on excellent skincare from friends and family. So how do you keep your face looking young and vibrant with all of this working against you?

Here are some tips to keep your face look young:

Change the Way You Put on Makeup

Have you ever considered how you apply your foundation to your skin? If you just put it on willy-nilly, focusing only on covering up the spots, you can be missing a prime opportunity to give your face a natural facelift. Instead, work your foundation upwards. Doing so can help lift your skin a little bit every day and prevent sagging over time. While this won’t cure existing wrinkles that way a paid-for facelift would, it is an easy way to help prevent more wrinkles—and best of all, it’s absolutely free.

Eliminate Unwanted Hair

Nothing ruins a perfectly textured face like unwanted hair. Unfortunately, plucking and shaving are both ineffective against facial hair. discusses the benefits of IPL and Laser Hair Removal, either of which could be great things to consider if you’re looking for clear skin that you don’t have to tackle daily.

Get Outside

Sometimes, people who worry about their skin will avoid going outside for fear of getting age spots. Believe it or not, this is the wrong approach to having young-looking skin. Going outside provides your skin with the Vitamin D that it needs to have that healthy, youthful glow everyone is working towards. To prevent age spots, use a quality sunblock instead of avoiding the outdoors entirely.

Use High-Quality Skin Care Products

The phrase “you get what you paid for” is extremely true when it comes to skin care. Purchasing low-cost skincare products can seem like a good idea, but often what you get is created as a generic formula. Since everyone’s skin is so different—some dry, some oily, some dark, some light—this typically means that the low-cost skincare products don’t really work well for anyone. By investing in fewer high-quality skin care products, you’ll do better things for your skin.

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Choose the Right Makeup

The right makeup can make the difference between looking put-together and fresh and looking like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show. It’s important not only to invest in high-quality makeup, but to invest in makeup that looks natural against your coloring. High-quality beauty stores like Ulta or Sephora are often more than happy to pair you with a consultant to help you pick out colors that will work for you.

Consider an Esthetician

If you’re really struggling to achieve healthy looking skin, you might consider an esthetician. Estheticians specialize in the sorts of treatments, like chemical peels and waxing, that can help you achieve your healthiest looking skin. Companies like Beauty by Design even help you out by offering you your own personalized esthetician that you can contact via text message!

Take Care of Your Body

Some of the best ways to improve the look of your skin have nothing to do with skincare products at all. Staying hydrated; getting good, quality sleep; and eating healthy are all important factors in the way that your skin looks. Even exercising regularly can improve the look and quality of your skin. Having a holistic view of health and beauty can lead to a healthier you over time.

Work on Reducing Stress

Just as an unhealthy body can make your face look years older, so can an unhealthy mind. Stress can give you wrinkles and circles under your eyes. That’s why it’s important to find quick ways to decompress every day. If stress is a particularly big problem in your life, talking to a certified mental health specialist can also be an important step.

There are many things that contribute to the look and beauty of your skin. Genetics play a factor, but so does your lifestyle, your stress levels, and the way you treat your skin day after day. You can’t control your genetics, but you can control the quality of your skincare products, the treatments you use to remove unwanted facial hairs, and the ways that you treat your body.

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