Sameera Reddy no more Glamorous, has Depression ?

Sameera Reddy no more Glamorous, has Depression ?

Sameera Reddy, Maine Dil Tujhko Diya actress and one of most beautiful Bollywood actresses, said that she was a mess at 102 Kg and she no more felt glamorous, unlike many other actresses who went fat from the fit. Yes, these are the words of first-time mommy who was dealing with post-pregnancy blues. The lady highlighted the fact that all is not good with the delivery of a child. There are innumerable issues which a mother has to take care of. But being a celebrity, she didn’t expect that this part of her life would be filled with so much of fluctuations that she would even require visiting therapist.

The dusky star who was last seen in 2012 starter Tezz went on to marry businessman Akshai Varde in the year 2014. In the year 2015, she was expecting their first baby. She delivered in the same years and that’s when she realized “I got pregnant in just a couple of months after my marriage. The game plan was to have the pregnancy and bounce back and getting in the limelight again. But I have never experienced anything like that… It was just the opposite. It was the worst case scenario of what I could’ve imagined in terms of my body and the way I fell apart as a person because the pregnancy was very tough for me,”

Sameera took a strong stand when she silenced the trollers saying that everyone cannot be Kareena Kapoor who shed her pregnancy weight this fast and came back to the limelight very soon. She is fine in accepting the fact that “I will not look glamorous all the time. But I wanted to come out and say Hey! it’s okay to be like this.”

The lady is all set to welcome her second child. But recalling her first pregnancy which was not at all a smooth ride, the lady says “I had placenta previa, which had me on bed rest for almost four to five months after the pregnancy. I just started putting on weight and falling into some kind of place in my head because it went from shows, award functions, and a glamorous lifestyle to just not being able to handle what pregnancy was doing to me.”

After delivering the first child, Sameera went on to gain 32 kgs and she was a mess at 102 Kg. She recounts that the sexy version of me was unable to recognize this oversized version of me. She shares “Everyone knew I was feeling depressed, but I was a good mother. To top it all, I got this auto ailment called Alopecia areata, which made me lose patches of my hair after almost six months of giving birth. But it did not have anything to do with my pregnancy.”

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But at the end of the day, “I worked very hard. I got help in terms of therapy and understood that I was lost and confused as a person… What I was as an actor and where I am today as a mother and a wife.” The lady is all set to embrace motherhood for the second time. Let’s wish her all the best.

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