You will become a fan of Sahil Khan after seeing this kindness act

Sahil Khan, the celebrity bodybuilder has another side to himself also. This hunk has been giving body goals to everyone since a very long time, but what he did recently will amaze you.

He asked his followers on Instagram to follow a young guy who is suffering from a rare disease. The boy and his sibling are also suffering from a disease called Myopathy Duchenne. This is a gene deficient disease which affects all the muscles in your body. The muscles actually get dystrophy. And more and more you grow up, the disease evolves.

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The children are going through a tough time and the only thing which they wanted in return is the maximum number of followers. Just a simple plain way of making such pure souls happy.

And Sahil shared the boy picture on his Instagram account and asked people to follow him. Later on the parents of the boy also thanked Sahil khan because this act made their child extremely happy.

Well, Sahil Khan you definitely have a heart of gold.

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