Does Running Everyday Help Increase Height?

Does Running Everyday Help Increase Height?

Running is a high intensity and high impact exercise with multiple benefits. It can improve the efficiency of heart and lungs, maintain a normal blood pressure, increase bone density, increase flexibility and even can prevent various kinds of cancer [1]. But it can also aid in increasing your height. Yes, you heard it right. Running helps in adding a few inches to your height by rectifying your posture and other physiological effects. [2] Must read – how to grow taller with exercises

How Does Running help in Grow Taller?

Running helps in gaining height in various which are discussed as follows:

Revealing the hidden height

A proper posture is a prerequisite of running means head up, relaxed shoulders, straight back to look and grow tall. The correct form of the body releases the tension in the body which compresses the muscles in the form of hunched back and thus you can gain up to 2 inches of hidden height in the spine. Running can give adequate stretching to your spine and therefore you look taller with your original height. [2]

Streamlined appearance

Running can shape up your body and thus you look lean and the streamlined body which you have gained by running makes you look taller. It removes the curvature on your spinal cord which displays a straight and taller frame.

Stimulating growth hormone

According to a report from The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism states that high intensity exercises can trigger the synthesis of growth hormones. The high amount of growth hormone becomes more effective when it is combined with the effects of the exercises. The effectiveness of running at the height can be proven by the height of marathon runners. The hormones released during the high speed running affect the body more than 24 hours after the practice [3].

Microfractures repairing

Sprinting or running for short distances at the maximum speed causes microfractures in the lower shin or ankle region of the tibia bone, which can help in gaining height when the bone is repaired or ossified. The rate of healing of microfractures is higher than the normal bone remodeling of the body which occurs after every three years. Thus, sprinting can increase the length of the bones and thus increase your height. [4] [5]

Other height gaining factor

Besides running, there are other exercises which can help in increasing height such as bar hanging, dry land swim, pelvic shift, cobra stretch, hopping with one leg, Pilates roll over etc. A proper diet is also an important requirement for the height gain and you can include these nutrients rich items such as carrots, fish, liver, milk, cheese, apple, green vegetables, yellow vegetables, potatoes, nuts, peanuts, beans etc. in your diet.

Sleep is another major factor which plays a major role in the release of growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland into the bloodstream as growth hormones are produced and released during a sleeping time when your body is resting. This growth hormone helps in thickening and lengthening of bones which in turn makes you taller [6].

You should stay away from the growth repressors like drugs, alcohol, sleep deprivation, stress, smoking and sedentary lifestyle [7]. By keeping these simple things in mind, you can surely achieve few more inches to your height. You just need to stay focused and motivated because the effects of running or other factors don’t show up overnight.

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