10 Most Beautiful Wives of Indian Cricketers

A new glaze of glamour is transmitting across the field of Indian cricket as the young cricketers marry models, celebrities, and tennis and squash players. We should be proud and happy that the Indian lifestyle is getting beautiful day by day.

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Here is the comprehensive list of top 10 cricketers who married famous personalities and they are most beautiful wives of cricketers:

Beautiful Indian Cricketer Wives Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi Sharmila Tagore

  • Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi – Sharmila Tagore

Though their marriage dated back to 1965, they both married in midst of stiff family opposition. The beautiful actor has been seen in many Bollywood celebrations and the smart couple paved the future platform for all the following marriages.

Beautiful Indian Cricketer Wives Shikhar Ayesha

  • Shikhar Dhawan – Ayesha Mukherjee

The trained kickboxer and the mustache boy have a unique love story. They met over the internet and the dating series led them to a happy married life.

Beautiful Indian Cricketer Wives Rohit Ritika

  • Rohit Sharma – Ritika Shade

The duo has been having a good professional relationship and gradually it blossomed into a good friendship. The young couple’s fairytale is blessed with a marriage vow.

Beautiful Indian Cricketer Wives Zahir Sagarika

  • Zaheer Khan -Sagarika Ghatg

The lovely couple had a simple registered wedding and a star-studded reception in the year 2017. After having a lovely date, the couples tied the knot. The love story of this vibrant couple is maintained as a top secret and not shared with the public.

Beautiful Indian Cricketer Wives Dhoni Sakshi

  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni – Sakshi Rawat

India’s coolest captain married her childhood friend. They knew each other from ages but then also Dhoni has to put so much wooing to win Sakshi heart.

Beautiful Indian Cricketer Wives Irfan Safa

  • Irfan Pathan – Safa Baig

Beauty with brains is truly placed in the life of Irfan. The 21-year-old young model is a renowned nail artist and her photos are being flashed in many fashion magazines.

Beautiful Indian Cricketer Wives Dinesh Dipika

  • Dinesh Karthik – Dipika Pallikal

The shy couple had a fairy tale wedding on August 18th, 2018. The squash player hated cricketers like anything but eventually, destiny played some notorious strings on her, which made her married to the cricketer.

Beautiful Indian Cricketer Wives Yuvraj Hazel

  • Yuvraj Singh – Hazel Keech

The British−Mauritian model Hazel Keech stole the heart of our international cricketer. In addition, the couple is soon to ring the marriage bells.

Beautiful Indian Cricketer Wives Harbhajan Geeta

  • Harbhajan Singh – Geeta Basra

The enigmatic waves between the cricket and the Bollywood movies have touched this lovely couple life also. Many sources say that Harbhajan Singh wanted to meet Geeta Basra very desperately and eventually, they fell in love. The most beautiful wife of a cricketer initially focussed only on movies but Harbhajan’s charm made her fall in love with him.

Beautiful Indian Cricketer Wives Virat Anushka

  • Virat Kohli- Anushka Sharma

Should truly say that their marriage has had taken away many people’s hearts. The selfies posted on social media have garnered over millions and the sweet couple has been seen featuring in several premium advertisements. The sexiest wife of a cricketer has established a strong stand in Bollywood also. Virat Kohli is the cricketer with most girlfriends and he appeared in headlines with famous personalities such as Sarah Jane Dias, Izabelle Leite, Tamanna, and Anushka Sharma ?.

The bond of love is common among all the couples but when it happens between our passionate cricketers and dream personalities, it makes a good impact in everyone’s heart.