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Best Lasik Eye Surgery in Dallas? List of Lasik Surgeons in Dallas

Best Lasik Eye Surgery in Dallas? List of Lasik Surgeons in Dallas 1

LASIK surgery or LASER eye correction surgery is quite common these days. Earlier, it used to be a thing only for the celebrities and influential people, but now the costs of the Lasik surgery has come down which has allowed common people to enjoy the benefits of lasik surgery.

So, what exactly LASIK surgery does?

LASIK surgery is a surgical procedure for the people who have developed some degrees of common refractive error like Myopia, Astigmatism, Presbyopia and more. This surgery allows the patient to get relief from the constant use of eye glasses and/or contact lenses. In this way, a one-time investment helps the patient to stop spending dollars every year on the glasses and lenses to achieve better vision. The surgery helps in getting a perfect 20/20 vision like any other normal person.

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Where to get LASIK eye surgery in Dallas?

If you reside in Dallas, the cultural and commercial hub of the country, then you are fortunate to have some of the best LASIK eye centres near your home.

Some of the popular LASIK eye centres where you can have the best LASIK surgery, Dallas are:

Who are the best LASIK surgeons in Dallas?

For a successful LASIK surgery, you cannot simply trust on the reputation of an Eye Centre or the attractive advertisement they give! A perfect LASIK surgery is only possible when you are at the hands of an experienced Lasik eye doctor and get operated with the latest LASIK technology.

So, to help you out, we have collected information about the top ranked LASIK surgeons in Dallas which are:

1. Dr. Sylvia Hargrave, MD

2. Dr. Jamie Gonzalez, OD

3. Dr. Gregory Frank Kozielec, MD

4. Dr. Michael Spencer Milner, MD

5. Dr. Katie NF Starks, MD

6. Dr. Jeffrey Brent Robertson, MD

7. Dr Jeffrey Whitman, M.D.

8. Dr William A. Boothe, M.D

9. Dr Robert Smith, MD

10. James P. McCulley, MD, FACS, FRCOphth(UK)

11. Dr Chip Fagadau, MD

If you are considering the option of getting a LASIK surgery for your eyes, then you must be quite careful about the surgeon and the centre you are choosing since most of them these days work for profit rather than good service. The highly specialized ones which are located in Dallas (names mentioned above) do charge higher price compared to the common ‘not-so-famous’ ones but that’s because they charge exactly for the amazing service they will provide. However, it’s always better you do some research on the surgeon or the centre you are choosing for the surgery.

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