International Men’s Day-Imagine The World Without Men?

International Men's Day-Imagine The World Without Men? 7

Before proceeding with this post, we would like to wish all the guys a very Happy Men’s Day. This day is celebrated in each and every country and we highly respect manpower and the existence of males in this world. I’m sure you all must be aware of the fact that man was the first creature created by God (before a woman) and people say that it is a man who has made this world ruling it entirely. In today’s era, this statement is somehow considered invalid as men and women are treated equally and each gives respect to one another’s gender. Although everything is balanced today, girls would definitely agree with the truth that every girl needs a man in her life whether the man is her father, brother, husband, boyfriend, grandfather, etc. Can you imagine a world without men? Obviously not because both the genders are interdependent on each other and need the support of each other badly.

The following are a few facts that will justify the role of man in every woman’s life:


What do you do when you feel alone and need someone to stand by your side and fight for you when you are weak. Man is a strength of every woman and makes her stronger when she is weak. He always makes her realize that there is someone there for her who is ready to fight even if the entire world is against her. It is always said that behind every successful man there is a woman but I would say it is both the ways.

Emotional Strength

No matter how hard we try to ignore this fact, we cannot change the reality that a man is emotionally as well as physically stronger than a woman. A woman might break at times due to emotional stress but it is always a man that gets her out of her trauma and makes her stronger than before. Men are emotional too but they know how to handle the stress and get the same stress out of a girl’s life as well.


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Women may be strong enough to handle things all by themselves but they would definitely not deny that most of their role models are either their fathers or a guy. Have you ever wondered why? Keeping a family happy is every man’s duty and since so many years men have been doing it well. So, they are not less than an inspiration in a woman’s life.


Can you imagine a love story without a man? Obviously not. For a moment we all can agree that a woman has the capability of managing things by her own talent but at the end, every woman needs a guy in her life as a partner with whom she can share things and whom she can trust blindly. Life without romance and men can make a woman’s life dull.


Two men or two women can definitely be best friends but it is true that two people of the same gender fight a lot and at that moment they need a companion of the opposite gender. Men are extremely humorous, kind, loyal, companions and are fun to be around with. They lighten a girl’s grief and make each and every moment of her life worthwhile.

Wish all the men International Men’s Day once again. Women, today is your chance to voice in your opinion about the most important guy in your life- father, brother, boyfriends, best friend, etc.


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