5 Must Have Hair Styling Tools of 2017

5 Must Have Hair Styling Tools of 2017

Do you love styling your hair but can’t afford going to the parlor too often? Then this article is a must read for you!

We all know how essential hair styling tools are in the world of Hair styling. Without them getting that perfect curl or smooth straight hair is absolutely impossible. However, going to the hair parlor every week isn’t that affordable, is it? So, many people purchase their own hair styling tool kit and style their hair on their own however they like!

Now the question is which styling tool should you buy?

Well, although there are uncountable styling tools in the market which claim to give you the best curls and styling but not all of them actually work. There are also some tools which aren’t that long lasting! So, we have done some research on hair styling tools and found out the best tools just for you! Now all you have to do is go through the following list and select the one you like the most.

  1. Harry Josh Pro Tools Dryer 2000

Rate: 9.8*

Get this device if you wish to dry your hair in a very short time. It dries your hair within 25 minutes or even less. Some users have also said that it not only dries the hair but also makes it look much healthier and shinier.

The device is also extremely lightweight and has an ergonomic design with a curved handle which makes it more comfortable to use. People also loved the light mint color of the device and the small size which makes it quite handy.

It works on long life A/C motor which lasts for about 2000 hours and blows dry your hair 60% faster than the other devices. Moreover it also has dual functionality switch for sleek and volume styling. It comes with an extra-wide nozzle which increases the air flow for smoother styling. There are 8 heat, Ion and speed setting! So if you want a professional dryer which does versatile work, then you should go for this device!!

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  1. Huetiful Hair Streamer

Rate: 9.6*

If you have dry and damaged hair this hair treatment device is the perfect for you. You can easily get your top-class hair treatment right at your home with the help of Huetiful Hair Streamer. Few of the users have said that this streamer makes your hair healthier and gives an amazing beauty to it.

It is among the best-selling portable hair streamers. It has been specifically designed to address the common hair problems of women with curly, wavy or kinky-curly hair!! It resolves all the common hair problems such as dry hair, breakage, frizz and dandruff.

Once you start using this, you won’t need to invest on multiple deep conditioners, hair treatments ad serums. You can easily restore enough moisture to your hair and make them look healthy. Moreover, this also comes with an additional facial streamer at $19.95. So if you wish to get a spa hair treatment right at the comfort of your house, then this device is the best buy!

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  1. Conair Infiniti Pro Instant Heat 20 Ceramic Flocked rollers

Rate: 9.3*

If you want soft, natural looking curls just like Gigi Hadid, then this device is the one which can help you!!

This roller heat up quickly as compared to other rollers and gives you smooth perfect curls. Some users have also said that it leaves a beautiful shine to the hair after use. In a whole, it makes your hair soft, manageable and shiny!!

It heats up in only 85 seconds and comes in 4 different sizes. It is also easy to use. The best thing is it comes with an additional One ‘n Only Argan Oil Treatment which revitalizes, nourishes, moisturizes and protects your hair. So, if you are planning to get a quality roller device, then you should definitely get this one!!

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  1. GHD Gold Professional 1” Styler

Rate: 9.3*

Users have said that this is the best Flat iron you can get in the market. It heats up way to fast and straightens your hair to perfection. It doesn’t make the hair look fried or dried out like the other common straighteners. With proper use, it will also give you a smooth and silky hair which you will surely love!!

The device has a light weight body and has been designed to give the users a proper salon like style right at home. It has smoother plates which avoids the problems of tangling to give your hair a professional finish.

It comes with contoured plates and rounded barrel to make it more user-friendly. The only drawback the users have found is its high price. However, when you get such good results, you won’t regret about the price. It’s a worthy investment!

So, Buy this fine device and get a professional hair style right at your home!

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  1. Conair Infiniti Pro Professional Nano Tourmaline Ceramic 11/4” Curling Iron

Although its price may be lower than other costly models but it works as good as the high-priced ones. It makes your hair from flat or frizzy to extremely fabulous in only 15 minutes. Some users have also loved the fact that it is very user-friendly and simply glides through the hair without pulling on any strands.

Its1 ¼” barrel helps you get big curls and it has new button design which prevents the problem of accidental shut off. It emits natural ions which eliminate the frizz while the ionic fusion technology reduces the frizzy hair to shiny and healthy looking hair.

Moreover, it has a 30 seconds heat-up feature which gives you comparatively faster results. It comes with an ultra-high heat of 395 F/202 C. It also has a safety auto shut off feature to avoid any accidents.

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