405+ Stunning Green Hair Color Ideas 2023

green Hair Color Ideas

We bring you new hair color photos every week. This week, look at the collection of green hair color shades in 2023, followed by Instagrammers. These green hair color ideas can be used as either temporary green hair color or permanent green dye hair color.

Look at the Green Hair Color Photos Below:

Green and brown colors go very well with each other as you must have seen the grass and mud look very beautiful together. So get these green money pieces face-framing highlights to match your light brown hair color.

Here’s your chance to resemble the super iconic hairstyle of Billie Eilish. Get bright green ombre with your grey or white hair. Blunt bangs in black color will be a perfect match for the hairstyle.

Sparkle everyone’s eye with this electric lizard shade of green. It’s very bright and is perfect for the summer holidays. Also, this shade will look beautiful on a symmetrical bob haircut.

Blue and green colors are like total besties; they look beautiful together instead of individually. So get blue to ocean green hair color if you want a beautiful change for your wavy hair.

This combination of black with green will look totally fabulous if you have short hair. Get green lowlights on your black hair and keep them a little curled inside for a fantastic look.

If you’re looking forward to having a vintage look, give yourself Black Hair with green Teal Dip Dye. It looks gorgeous and gives those vintage vibes when you curl your hair.

With a subtle touch of black and deeper green undertones, Forest Green is truly one of a kind. This color is fun, a head-turner, and makes you feel like a goddess on the earth.

A beautiful and awestruck combination of dark green hair color, gracefully blending with a neon highlighter shade. Lime Green comes under bright shades of green and is definitely a jaw-dropper. It looks more beautiful when paired with another color to balance out electric vibes.

If you are bored with dull colors, then we have something for you. The Artichoke Green is a vibrant and light shade that looks amazing on medium to light skin tones. When paired with purple hues, Artichoke Green looks as beautiful as a peacock

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With brown, blonde roots, and lighter olive strands, Army Green hair color falls under the light green color section. It is definitely a beautiful shade that looks more flattering on light skin tones and bob hair cuts. Army Green is very neutral and makes you stand out in the crowd but in a more subtle way. 

Neon Green is a popping and sparkling color that speaks about the future itself. The color is darker on roots and gradually becomes lighter as a lime towards ends. It is a bright, refreshing hue that works great on light to dark blonde hair.

If, after pastels, you are more into minimal and light yet attractive colors, then you might have hit the jackpot. Sage Green offers a vibrant green with earthy undertones to make it look appealing yet subtle.


As the name itself suggests, Hunter Green is a very dark hair color that goes well with medium to light skin tones.


With a dark evergreen forest type color all over that is balanced out with a lighter shade, Fern Green will make you look like a forest fairy. This is a perfect way to spice up your bob cut or blunt hair cut.


If you got smitten by olive green’s subtle grey and yellowish undertones, then you will also like Moss Green. Featuring similar hues and undertones, it is a bold look that looks flattering on all skin tones.

Green Tea hair color generally falls under the ‘light green color’ category. It has an unbeatable blend of neon green highlighter shade and dark brown or black roots with subtle ashy undertones. With this color, clients no longer have to worry about growing their hair since roots will remain darker.

With nice black and dark green roots and a super edgy results, clients no longer have to worry about growing their hair out. Emerald green goes well with medium to dark skin tones.


If you also adore the pastel hair trend, then you might like the Green Mint as it gives a resemblance of the green pastel tone and looks wonderful on light skin tone. It is another refreshing and neutral green shade that looks wonderful when paired with a blunt cut.


400 Images of Green Hair Color 2023

Kelly Green is a strong, vibrant, and one of a kind hair color. It has yellow undertones that look gorgeous with the whole badass vibe.

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