Faisal Khan and Muskaan Kataria have parted ways

Faisal Khan and Muskaan Kataria have parted ways

Faisal Khan is actually a kid who has turned into a very handsome teen. And since then the actor has been having a huge fan following. In his seven-year-long career, he is being loved by the majority of his fans most of these are his junior female fans.

The heart of dancer-actor always had his lady love Muskaan Kataria in mind. Like every couple, they also initially denied being together but very soon they confirmed the dating. And then started the era of mushy pictures and cheesy captions and PDAs and social media filled with such romantic photos.


But as it said that every relationship comes with an expiry date and their’s also had the same share of the story. It was being said that it was difficult for Muskaan to adjust to Faisal’s family and their routine. Even she didn’t celebrate Eid with their family this year.

One of the insiders said


“Muskaan was finding it difficult to adjust with their directive. In fact, she didn’t even celebrate Eid with Faisal and his family this year.”

Talking about his love life Faisal one said

“Muskaan didn’t know who I was, and I guess, that made things even more comfortable between us. She was looking for a mobile charger, and I offered mine. That’s how we got talking. We met again the next day and by the third meeting, we realised that there was a certain chemistry between us. She is not pretentious and that’s what I like about her.”

Aah…we are sorry that now everything is in past.


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When asked Faisal about love at his age, because people generally don’t open up and get serious about their love life at his age. Then the actor quickly replied

“I don’t think there is an age to fall in love or to understand it. I felt strongly about Muskaan, and so, I introduced her to my parents. Love is beyond basic attraction and it starts with compatibility, understanding, and having a similar vision towards the future. Respect and loyalty are also crucial.”

Faisal found a great support system in his mom and he opened about Muskaan very first time in front of his mom only.


“My family has always supported me in every decision. In fact, my mother had gauged my feelings for Muskaan even before I told her about it. I don’t have many friends, let alone female friends. It so happened that I told my mother about planning to bring in Muskaan’s birthday.”

He further added


“At that time, she was visiting Mumbai for work and was staying at an accommodation for women. When I reached there at midnight, I thought that I would have to climb to her balcony, just like they show in movies. But fortunately, the receptionist recognised me and attended to me warmly. The following day, I had planned another party for her. That’s when my mother asked me about Muskaan, as I don’t usually attend parties. I bought several gifts for her and a card, on which I decided not to write anything. I thought I would write whatever comes to my heart when I meet Muskaan. Finally, I wrote ‘I love you’ and she cried.”

We wonder what went wrong between this love dovey couple.

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