Depression can be cured, if you stop doing this thing immediately : Nihar Khurana

Depression can be cured, if you stop doing this thing immediately : Nihar Khurana 1

Recently, at the Youtube channel of Findhealthtips, we have launched our new show – Belief. Karma. Health. This show is hosted by Samar Pahwa. We introduce new guest fortnightly. This show is about rid the misconception about various false beliefs which are spread amongst people.

In this video, we have interviewed Art of Living Trainer, Nihar Khurana. He has been actively working in the Art of Living for 10 years. He has expertise in Yoga and Meditation. He explains the benefit of various type of meditation like Sudharshan Kriya, Pranayam, and Soham meditation techniques which helped him to achieve stability in his life. These meditation benefits are as follows:

  • Meditation breathing techniques help you build your stamina
  • Meditation breathing helps you overcome negative thoughts
  • Meditation increases your focus and achieving you to help the highest form in your studies, and extra circular activities as well

He explains further, Art of Living doesn’t work on the meditation part. They help people to achieve higher goals in their life. He mentions Gurudev and founder of Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravi Shanker says “If you will think about yourself every time, you will fall into depression. To overcome depression, you need to adopt giving nature rather than having.

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You can get answers of your many questions here in this video of benefits of meditation.

Show by Samar Pahwa | Belief. Karma. Health

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