Big Ramy Controversy Continues….

Big Ramy Controversy Continues….

Big Ramy is in news again. And sadly it’s again negative.

Big Ramy has confirmed himself that he will not be taking part in 2019. He is not competing because of his shoulder injury which is disturbing him since past some months.

Earlier Nick Trigili and then Ramy himself confirmed that he will not be competing. Very soon it was also revealed that his trainer Neil Hill has stopped working with him. Neil also trains Flex Lewis, William Bonac, Ryan Terry, Blessing Awodibu and Steve Laureus.

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Soon after the Mr. Olympia 2018, news started floating that the association between Big Ramy and Neil Hill has come to a halt. But his Instagram page still shows that he is training Big Ramy.

Big Ramy is always known to have a controversial relationship with his trainers. He has always worked with high profile trainers and then left them. Earlier he has worked with Dennis James, George Farah, Chris Aceto.

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