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The name Alia Bhatt will clearly remember you about “Student of the Year”. Yes, she is the one who made a sensational debut in Karan Johar film. After the fame she reached, she acquired fame through yet another film “Highway”. When compared to the makeup, the girl looks glamour’s in without makeup. Though she has more sensation in makeup she is pretty in simple costume and elegant dress.

The following are the some of the Alia Batt without makeup Photos that make you flatter and become a die-hard fans follower of Alia Bhatt.

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1. A Casual Click

A casual click is always the best picture for Alia. The dimples in her will allow you to smile automatically. Though she has black under her eyes, still she looks cuter and loaded with beauty. The white beauty makes you more class and unique.

2. Outing Click

Swimming makes people free out of any stress. Alia Batt is the girl who loves to roam with friends and that too without any makeup. Even after swimming, she looks so perfect and gorgeous. This smoky eye without makeup will give you happiness and allow you to flatter for her. Alia Batt no makeup Selfie allows you to take more selfie with her.

3. A Shopping Click

The girl always has a set of Blue Jeans and Shirt where she loves to shop or outgo anywhere. But not only in this costume, but she is also adorable in every dress.

4. A Car Wave Click

Alia is the one girl who is so unique and appears in front of the camera even without makeup. Sometimes, she only prefers to apply kajal. Other than that, she is a girl who is so simple. She is so brave in such a way with less makeup.

5. White Beauty Click

Actually, white gowns usually make people flatter in always. Likewise, Alia’s white costume with wavery length hair makes more unique for her.

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6. Cute Girl

The girl is always so simple and with her co-workers. Her wave hair keeps you happier without makeup.

7. Gorgeous in Blue Dress

The Blue dress for her is so simple and classy. A simple dress costume with only lipstick gives the attraction for many people to admire her.

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8. Casual Car Trip

After a tight schedule, it is best to rest a bit. Without makeup, also she is so childish and cute. Alia is the one who makes people fell off with her smile.

9. Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping makes everybody keep your mind so fresh. Even while sleeping she is class and bright. She looks like a sleeping beauty and makes the heart of fans flatter with happiness.

10. Click after Gym Workout

Not all the people look fresh even after a heavy workout. But our glamour’s Alia Bhatt is the only girl who looks more fresh and happy with every workout. So why don’t you make a step to look energy like her?

Alia Bhatt is one girl who is now at a stage of developing in Hindi Film Industry. Everybody would have always seen her only with heavy lipstick, kajal, foundation, and so on. The above are some photos showing her actual beauty.

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