12 Signs Your Relationship Doesn’t Work

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Often, your relationship starts falling apart long before you actually realize it. I believe that disasters happen partially because no one takes care of prevention – a great many couples could’ve lived through their conflicts and save their love from death. If you know your relationship is in danger, you may be able to fix this. Meet the top 12 warning signs! Thanks to our friends, , for providing us with these charming ideas.

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  1. You can’t stop criticizing each other. None of you is satisfied with what his/her beloved one says, does, and offers. Well, compatibility isn’t you should take for granted. The fact your honeymoon phase run perfectly doesn’t mean you fit each other.
  2. Subjects of your arguments are all the same. Over and over again, you fight about the things you have allegedly gone through and don’t need to dwell on. Why does it happen? Probably, you only think the conflict is solved while it is not. Maybe, you should reconsider some aspects of your love life.
  3. Sex life gets worse. This aspect of romantic relationships is hugely important. Well, becoming less obsessed with your partner’s body is natural as we grow and switch to many other great things. But when changes happen too abruptly, this is a warning sign.
  4. You don’t feel comfortable around him/her. The ability to relax in the company of your significant other is probably what distinguishes a harmonious relationship from a random connection. If you always feel tense when he/she shows up, this is probably the end.
  5. You hate each other’s friends and families. No one lives in the vacuum. Your relatives and friends helped you become the person you are. It is important not only to get along well with your partner but also to build good relationships with his/her dearest people.
  6. Seems like your couple lacks trust. When your partner is outside alone, you can’t hold bad thoughts back. What if you are being cheated on? If your relationship is strong, such things shouldn’t come into your mind.
  7. You are frightened by thinking about the future. Some couples are convinced they’ve been written in the stars. They don’t have any problems with planning their further life together. If you are scared of commitment, your relationship may be in trouble.
  8. The mutual respect is gone. Respect is another essential component of a healthy relationship. Is it even possible to love someone if you can’t respect him/her? Surely not. Likewise, you can’t feel good around a person who doesn’t appreciate you.
  9. The blame game is endless. You can’t even remember when it all began and why but continue blaming each other for anything. It is not about reasonability, it is already about the process itself – when love is about to go away from your couple, each of you struggles to find an excuse to break up.
  10. Conflicts escalate every single time. Even if those start due to minor reasons, you fight and fight and fight against each other with no purpose. When are you two supposed to reach the compromise? Ask this question to yourself and your significant other.
  11. There are no things to talk about. Communication is what really holds any strong couple together. If it gets poor, your connection might come to a naught very soon. Talking should be among the main activities lovers enjoy.
  12. 12. You enjoy hanging out with friends rather than being with your significant other. It is definitely a red flag. Your attitude to your significant other and your attitude to your friends are two different parts of your inner life. Ideally, you should be able to combine those.

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