Saif Ali Khan’s Advice To All The Smokers

In the era of advancement, smoking has become a habit of most of the teenagers as well as the adults. Sometimes this habit becomes too extreme that it turns into a major addiction which is impossible to get rid of easily. Even if a person realizes the harmful effects of puffing cigarettes, it becomes too late for them to undo what they did for years.

One of the most prominent celebrities, Saif Ali Khan, too had this addiction but he left it years back with lots of efforts. He took his first puff at the age of 16 as he was influenced by his friends into believing that smoking makes one look cool and classy. Trusting his friends he started smoking and with the passing years, he didn’t realize when he turned into an active smoker. Saif got a minor heart attack at the age of 32 along with a bit of breathlessness. At that point of time, he realized that it would be more critical in the future. Considering his health, he immediately chucked all the cigarette packs in the bin and took a firm decision to quit smoking forever.

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At the initial stage, he faced several hurdles like excessive weight gain, headache, etc, but his firm determination got him back to a normal state. Today, he stands out against smoke addiction and always advises people to leave this addiction. He has even worked in several Bollywood films like Go Goa Gone, Darna Mana Hai, etc,  that highlighted the anti-smoking theme and created a huge impact.

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