How To Curl Your Hair With A Straight Iron

Most people believe that a straight iron is only used when you want to rock smooth, straight, and sleek strands. However, this is not true and you can use a straight iron to curl your hair. A straight iron is a versatile hair styling tool that can also be employed to make classy curls and waves. Its curls are modern, versatile, long lasting, and fast.

curl hair with iron

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to curl your hair using a straightener:

1. Preparing your Hair

Before you curl your hair, clean and dry it. Dirty hair will not have a nice look and hold its shape. Also, wet or damp hair does not curl well. Prepare your straight iron and ensure it is of good quality. A good quality straight iron will work faster, make your hair smoother, and have less damage to your hair. Additionally, it will make great curls that are shiny and consistent. Consider using recommended premium hair straighteners that meet your unique hair needs and make you look and feel good. Heat the iron to your preferred temperature considering your hair’s texture and type. For instance, if your hair is fine and thin, use temperatures below 300 degrees. If your hair is thick and frizzy, use temperatures ranging from 350-400 degrees. Before using a thermal styling tool, ensure that you use a heat protection product to safeguard your hair from heat damage. Apply the thermal protectant on the hair shaft all the way to the ends. Comb your hair to ascertain that the heat protector is distributed evenly on the hair.

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2. Divide your hair into sections

The second step is to divide your hair into managed vertical sections. It is better to curl your hair in sections rather than attacking the whole mass at once. If your hair is thick, you can divide it into several sections. Tie the hair above your ears and put a bun on it to get it out of the way. It is advisable to work with 1-2 inch sections at a time and pin the rest.

3. Curl your hair

Curl one section of your hair at a time and when it is done, unclip your hair to let down another section. Place the straight iron into the first section of your hair at the eye level. How much hair to curl on each section depends on you. Small sections make smaller and tighter curls while large sections make bouncier and looser curls. Clamp the hair, twist the straight iron back slightly, and then slide it along the strand. Use your fingers to twirl the curl and then drop the hair gently. If your hair does not curl easily, apply some hairspray on the sections before you curl them. Curl the rest of your hair and try to alternate the direction of each curl.

4. Finish Up

When the hair is curled, let it cool completely. Apply some hair serum on your curls to get a glossy finish. You can either leave your hair as it is after curling or add a touch to create the style you want. You can break up the curls using your fingers to get a loose look. You have successfully curled your hair using a flat iron, smile for the camera!

What happens when you do not have a curling iron and desire some elegant curls? You can use a straight iron to achieve some perfectly flowing curls that many women desire. It may take time to perfect the art but it gets better and easier with time. Curling your hair with a straight iron helps you achieve a red carpet look.