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Best Beard Styles of Virat Kohli

Viral Kohli beard

Virat Kohli is the man of the hour. The style captain has always managed to stay in the news even with his fashion game. Do check Virat Kohli hairstyles too. Not only he is one of the best-dressed men off the field but he is also ruling the game with his beard styles on point.

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So, here let’s have a look at some of the best beard styles of Virat Kohli –

1. Young Lightly Stubbed beard style –

This is the younger version of Virat Kohli where he is looking like a cute child. The man has got a very light beard which is just coming up and it has also been shaven irregularly.

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2. Goatees and Mustaches with trimmed Scruff –

This is still the growing up style where the goatees and slightly grown. The mustaches are grown and the trimmed scruff looks amazing here.

3. A Full goatee with a detached mustache –

Here you can see that the goatee is fully grown and the detached mustache is giving a made-up and makeup look. This is not his natural look and this may be during celeb endorsement looks.

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4. Medium Stubble Beard Style –

This is a trending beard style among most men these days. Men like to keep thick and dense beards and Virat is also doing the same. This is a perfect casual style.

5. Long Stubble Beard Style –

This is again good for men who love thick and longer beard style. Here men grow a longer beard and then sport it caringly and lazily.

6. Sharply Cut Beard –

This is another made-up look where you need to have sharp edges which look ravishing. This is perfect for formal occasions and suits.

7. Ducktail Beard Style –

Quite stylish and again something which men prefer these days. This again involves thick hair which has a definitive beard pattern.

8. French Cut with Trimmed Scruff –

This is high maintenance hairstyle. Very stylish and again perfect for formal occasions.

9. Corporate beard style –

When you take your side beard hair completely to the top and also when your goatees are also thick then the look is complete beard style.

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