Top 10 Hairstyles for Men 2020


A good hairstyle is an important aspect if you want to build a fashionable personality but those trendy hairstyles seem to be quite complicated and expensive.

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Here we bring you 10 men hairstyles 2020 which are easy yet classy enough to give your personality a defined look:

  • Textured quiff hairstyle

textured quiff hairstyle - Men Hairstyles 2019

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The quaff hairstyle has stood the test of time. Apply a hair setter and a salt spray with your hands after towel drying the hairs.

The style looks perfectly well with both medium and highly thick hairs.

  • The textured crop

textured crop - Men Hairstyles 2019


You will find many celebrities following this hairstyle. It is one of the trendings among the men’s haircut shot hairs. The classic look has a faded side with textured on the top

  • Spiky hairstyles

spiky haircut - Men Hairstyles 2019

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Among the best men’s hairstyles, 2020 is the funky spiky hairstyles. If you want a cropped hairstyle you can give it a different with vertical spikes.

  • Curly mob top

curly mop top haircut - Men Hairstyles 2019

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If you have curly hair then you should take care of hair type along with the trends. This looks gives an attractive and wavy look with flowy hair.

  • The classic taper hairstyle

the classic taper haircut - Men Hairstyles 2019

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The taper hairstyle gets shorter towards the bottom. It is versatile and looks good with all hair types. It can be given a stylish twist

  • The undercut hairstyle

undercut haircut - Men Hairstyles 2019

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The undercut hairstyle is one more popular men’s hairstyles 2020. The undercut has shorter hairs on the sides and back and longer and heavier at the top. There is a strong contrast between the longer top and shorter sides. The haircut gives a classy look to your personality.

  • Textured fringe hairstyle

textured fringe haircut - Men Hairstyles 2019

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Fringy hairstyles go quite well with curly and wavy hairs. It sits quite well with any type of face cut and hair texture. The fringy cuts keep going in and out of trend. For 2020 they seem to be quite in among the best men’s haircuts 2020. You can keep it angled fringe or blunt fringe.

  • Comb over hairstyle

comb over haircut - Men Hairstyles 2019

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One of the all-time favorite hairstyles for men is comb-over. It is best suited for slightly longer hairstyles. It can go with formal get up as well as look nice to have in informal events.

  • Buzzcut shape up with a disconnected beard

buzz cut shaped with connected beard haircut - Men Hairstyles 2019

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Well if you don’t want to keep long and unmanageable hairs then this haircut is the one for you among best men haircuts 2020. It looks trendy, easy to manage and goes quite well with different dressing styles.

  • French crop haircut

french crop haircut - connected beard haircut - Men Hairstyles 2019

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This hairstyle is quite in trend among the men’s hairstyles 2020. The haircut is a variation of the classic version. It is good men’s hairstyle short hairs. The fringy twist is on top. The hairstyle gives you an easy going look.

You can choose these hairstyles and haircuts to set a style statement. This list of best men’s hairstyles 2020 will surely help you to have an attractive and impactful personality.

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