Top 10 Beard Trimmers Reviews in 2019

Beard Trimmers Reviews

Modern men prefer to keep a little stubble than cleanly shaved. It accentuates their masculine personality to a great extent. Here comes the role of beard trimmers that trims the beard leaving behind a little stubble that looks very attractive. Trimmers are generally electronic devices, and you need to recharge it after every use. In the shortest of time, it can give you a macho look. Trimmers are also used when you run out of time to shave cleanly. For the time being beard trimmers give you all you want that too at the shortest span of time.

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Top 10 Beard Trimmers

Here in this list, you will find top 10 beard trimmers given with its pros and cons for every product. This article will help you once you go to select the most convenient beard trimmer.

  1. Braun 790cc 4 Men’s trimmer

It is one of the most advanced shavers popular among modern men. It gives you a hygienic cleaning of your facial fuzz and which is worth the money spend on it. This cordless trimmer goes deep inside your problem areas and aids in capturing the flat hair that lies beneath. It comes up with a whole shaving kit comprising of the cleaning brush, main unit, travel pouch, charging cord and the lubricating oil.

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  • It has floating foils with a pivotal head that accentuates the flexibility of the trimmer.
  • The intelligent sonic technological features with ten thousand micro vibrations give you a comfortable shave.
  • It has LCD display to show you the charging status.
  • It looks very elegant and gives you a sophisticated feeling when you have it in your bag pack.
  • It has an amazing battery backup.
  • It is fully waterproof. You can clean it up by holding the pivotal head under the tap.
  • It comes up with a 2-year


  • It does not have cons as such.

Braun 790cc 4 Men’s Trimmer

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  1. Panasonic ER-GB37 Men’s Trimmer

With its top-notch design and 45 degrees movable blade this trimmer will serve your purpose of trimming your facial stubble with all the perfection you need. You can also use this trimmer with foam to get a close 0.5 mm shave. It is a sturdy electronic device that helps to give you a matured masculine look all over.


  • You can adjust the length settings from its 19 precision settings in the adjustment dial.
  • Being water proof, you clean this trimmer every day after use. Just remove the pivotal head and hold it under a tap to remove the facial hair lingered into it.
  • It aids both wet and dry shave.
  • It produces very low sound.


  • There are no indicator lights to show the charging status when it is fully charged.
  • It has no self-oil You need to lubricate every time after cleaning it.


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  1. Philips QT4005/15 Beard and Stubble Trimmer

With this beard trimmer, you can style your beard just as the way you want it to be styled. Create your own stylish looks and step out of your house with all the confidence. The skin pro high performance makes the product so high in demand.


  • It is easy to clean; all you need to do is detach its head and hold it under the tap for a few minutes. When all the hair is washed out, put it back in the appliance again.
  • It has 20 locking settings that differ in length. You can adjust the length and trim your beard as you want.
  • The ergonomic design aids in easier handling. The rubber gripping prevents the trimmer from slipping out from your grip while you are shaving.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty so you can replace it if not satisfied with the product or if your product goes through any damage.
  • The blades are sharp to give you the perfect trim and the round shape prevents your skin from irritation.


  • It needs to be charged for a pretty long time.

Philips QT4005/15 Beard and Stubble Trimmer

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  1. Philips Norelco

This trimmer aims at achieving the perfect stubble. The vacuum system aids in capturing the cut stubbles and gives you a neat shave. This is the only trimmer that has this super vacuum system along with other hi –tech features.


  • It gives you a neat shave without having to mess your sink with the cut facial hairs. The vacuum system sucks all the hair inside that can be washed by holding the head of the trimmer under water.
  • It comes up with 18 length settings that help you get stubble of any length you want.
  • It has a turbo power button that can speed up the trimming.


  • The trimmer is a little heavy.
  • The guide combs are not very satisfactory.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmers

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  1. Remington MB4010 Trimmer

This trimmer is specifically meant for modern men who want a quality product at an affordable price. The steel coating in the blades delivers an excellent grooming experience.


  • The trimmer comes up with oiled self blades so that you don’t need to take the pain of oiling it.
  • With its superior quality steel blades, it gives you a closer shave.
  • It has 6 preset length settings ranging from 0.5 to 16.5 mm
  • It comes up with a 2 years warranty.


  • You have to use alkaline batteries for recharging it. Normal batteries may spoil the trimmer.
  • It has no inbuilt charger, so you need to but separate batteries for it.

Remington MB4010 Trimmer


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  1. Nova NHT 1045 Cordless Trimmer

This Trimmer from Nova has an ultra soundless motor and comes with skin friendly blades so that you can use it even on kids. You can keep your stubble up to 10 mm with this trimmer.


  • The elegant design of the trimmer makes it so attractive and high in demand.
  • It aids proper gripping and handling.
  • The blades the very pro skin friendly and does not cause any irritation in the skin.
  • It has a cordless trimmer


  • The comb settings are not satisfactory for trimming your beard. However, it is good for your hair.

Nova NHT 1045 Cordless Trimmer


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  1. Panasonic ER206KK Men’s Trimmer

The product comes up with superior quality features that give you a closer shave. The dual features of cord and cordless aid in the easy operation of the trimmer in times of hassle. With the amazing battery backup, it is one of your smartest picks.


  • It comes up with a frontage height modification dial that aids you in choosing 12 length settings in your beard.
  • The trimming head has a floating cutter that gives you a close shape.
  • The S- curve design fits perfectly in your hand providing an excellent grip while shaving.




  • There is no indicator to know whether the battery has been charged or not.
  • The frontage height modification dial is a little difficult to adjust.

Panasonic ER206KK Men’s Trimmer

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  1. Kemei 2599 Trimmer

This trimmer will give you a well-groomed look without having to take the pain of shaving with a razor and foams. This is one of your best deals at an affordable price.


  • The body of the trimmer is made of superior quality plastic that prevents you from electric shocks while the trimmer is plugged in.
  • The rubber handle aids in easy gripping and prevents the trimmers from slipping out.
  • The stainless steel blades are rust free and can be used for a long time.


  • The battery backup is not so good. You need to charge the battery for a very long time, and the battery gets heated up too fast.

Kemei 2599 Trimmer

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  1. Maxel India

With a super powerful motor, this trimmer is too good at this price. It is much cheaper than other brands and gives you all the satisfaction of a close shaving.


  • The sleek body with a scientific design makes the trimmer so popular among modern men.
  • It comes up with a powerful motor with the latest
  • It comes up with four attachment combs, a scissor, oiled blades; blade protector and a cleaning brush all in handy.


  • The battery gets heated very fast.

Maxel India

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  1. Agaro MT 5075 Beard Trimmer

This cordless trimmer with the high technology settings lets you adjust the blade lengths as per your need to get the perfectly groomed looks. It is way much cheaper than other branded products so if you are in a hurry to buy a trimmer for using it for the time being you can always opt for this. However for a long term use this product is not recommendable.


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  • It comes up with a 2 years replacement warranty. So if you are not satisfied, you can replace your product instantly.
  • It has 8 length settings to adjust the blade lengths.
  • The blades are of stainless steel, so there is no issue for rusting.
  • It is cordless.


  • The durability of this product cannot be guaranteed.

Agaro MT 5075 Beard Trimmer

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