Sonam Kapoor’s Wedding Date Announced

Sonam Kapoor’s Wedding Date Announced

Everyone around India is talking about the upcoming Sonam Kapoor’s wedding. Audiences have fallen in love with her through such great movies as I Hate Luv Storys, Mausam, Delhi 6 and Neerja among many other films. After recent tragedy, death of Sridevi in Kapoor’s family. This marriage is essentially very important thing in the family.

So, who is the lucky Sonam Kapoor boyfriend? That lucky fellow is none other than Anand Ahuja. The co-founder of the Bhane apparel manufacturing company. Ahuja has become one of the most powerful men in the textile industry in India. It only makes sense that a powerful man would marry a powerful woman like Sonam Kapoor.

There are few other Indian celebrities recently got married. People around India are looking for Sonam Kapoor marriage latest news, and some of the newest details surrounding the wedding will need to be explored. Specifically, Kapoor will and Ahjua will be getting married on May 8, 2018 in Mumbai.

This event is going to be a highly anticipated event for people to check out. Participants will want to see what is happening and what makes the nice so appealing and fun.

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Location Details

We know that the Sonam Kapoor wedding destination will be in Mumbai. We also know that the wedding itself will be held on May 8. It is unclear as to where the specific spot in Mumbai will be though, although some cards have appeared on Instagram. Details on those cards can be found later in this report; the details have not been confirmed and are simply rumors for what may happen.

What is known about this Sonam Kapoor marriage place is that it will entail a heritage bungalow. A large five-star hotel in the suburban area will also host the reception.

It is known that the families of the two lucky ones will be invited to the wedding. Some personal friends of the two sides, including some big-name celebrities, are expected to attend the wedding. However, details on who will show up during the wedding itself are unknown. The couple has asked that the media provide them a sense of privacy for the event. This is to ensure the wedding goes without a hitch, but fans will be interested in trying to figure out where in particular the wedding will be held at.

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Special Events

There are a few additional points to see when looking at the Sonam Kapoor wedding date. Part of this entails the schedule for the wedding. Although the official date of the wedding is on May 8, the main mehendi-sangeet ceremony will take place the day before. During the actual wedding date, the nuptials will take place around 11 in the morning. This will entail people wearing traditional wedding clothes.

A reception will take place around 8 in the evening. This will entail Western formal wear and will take place at a five-star hotel. This should include additional dancing and performances to entertain the people at the event.

The fun of the wedding is something that people are looking forward to reading about. But once again, information on where the events will be taking place at has not been fully confirmed just yet.

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Possible Rumors For Locations?

The reason why details on the locations for the event have not come out is because it is impossible to figure out what points are legitimate. Kapoor’s Instagram fan pages have posted some appealing images that look like event cards. These cards include details on the events that will take place and their locations. However, it is not fully certain as to whether or not these images were made up or if these are the real cards.

The wedding itself is being promoted as being at Rockdale in Bandara while the party will be at The Leela in Mumbai. It will be interesting to see whether or not these locations for the event are for real.

Style of the Wedding

The wedding will be a mehendi-sangeet affair. There will be plenty of dancing and other fun things to explore at the wedding. The live performances will surely be exciting. But with the media being asked to keep off, people will have to wait and see if any footage does leak to the public through some person who attends the wedding. But the two being married will surely be deserving of a great mehendi-sangeet wedding. After all, they are both happy people to check out.

What Will the Wear Be?

Everyone will want to see what the Sonam Kapoor wedding dress will be like. While there have been no previews of what she is going to wear, it is known that she will be wearing traditional Indian festive wear. People at the wedding are being asked to wear various shades of white. The purity of white is surely something that the people at the wedding will look great in. Traditional wear is being promoted for use during the wedding, but it is not fully clear as to what all the people at the wedding are going to wear in particular.

Sonam’s outfit will surely be something people will be looking forward to seeing. She is known for her strong sense of fashion. People will want to see what she is wearing as she shows off herself in a special and appealing way.

What About Gifts?

There are reports that the Kapoor and Ahuja families are not asking for much out of the people who are coming to the wedding. They are only asking that the people who are invited are present for the event. The presence of the people there will surely be appreciated as they are surrounded by those that they love during this special day.

The excitement of the upcoming Sonam Kapoor marriage is surely something that people around India cannot get enough of. It will be interesting to see what happens during the event, not to mention what people will be wearing at the wedding itself. People will surely be excited in seeing what is going to come along here. Of course, people will also flock to social media after the wedding to find out what happened, not to mention what Sonam’s appealing outfits look like.