45 Simple Hairstyles for Men in 2023

hairstyles men 2023

Men who want to find the most attractive hairstyles around should see how they can enjoy some fine looks by checking out these simple and easy hairstyles to follow soon.

Here are some of the best options to check out when finding great hairstyles for men:

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Hairstyles for Boys 2023 

  • Simple Top with Skin Faded Sides

A very simple haircut that’s faded on both sides with hair neatly set on the top. It’s a very subtle and decent hairstyle to give you a gentlemanly look.

Weddings, dates, formal events, etc., such types of events demand a simple top with skin faded sides hairstyle.

  • French Crop with Sleek Taper Fade

In this hairstyle, all your hair points to your forehead but in a straight line. The sleek taper fade will bring style to the look.

This hairstyle might not give a formal look, but it’s a great casual look. You can try this haircut for a date or if you want to try something out of the box.

  • Classic Tapered Short Crop

For those looking for a messy yet stylish look, a classic tapered short crop is the perfect hairstyle for you.

You should try this hairstyle for your office look to create a bold impression. Then, people will notice how particular you’re about your hairstyle, and they’ll take you seriously.

  • Shorter Top with Tousled Texture

This hairstyle is great for boys who go to college and need a cute and handsome look. All the girls and boys will be looking at you when you enter the campus with this hairstyle.

It’s the perfect hairdo for boys who don’t have time to style their hair in the morning. Just run your fingers through your hair, and you’re ready.

  • Short Top with Shorter Sides

A simple haircut is best-suited for the summer season to make you look very dashing. It’s the kind of look actors go for, so you can too. It’s a great look for a farewell or fresher’s party.

You should get this hairstyle if it’s your first day at the job to make a good impression on your colleagues. This is kind of a young look, so mature faces might not be the right ones for this hairdo.

  • Simple Texture with Low Volume

If you’re looking forward to having the look celebrities have, this simple texture with low volume can give you that. Guys who have crossed their 30s and still want to look young should try this hairstyle. It will bring cuteness to their face.

A faded beard will look like this kind of hairstyle. You can keep your hair straight, but we recommend wavy hair.

  • Twice Disconnected Buzz Cut

If your profession requires you to keep your hair short, why not style it in this twice disconnected buzz cut. This way, your hair will be cut very short and look stylish. College-going boys or gym owners can also try this type of hairstyle.

  • Brush Up with Mid Drop Fade

This mid-drop fade with brush-up hair is the perfect fit for boys with a soft jawline. Both clean shaved and beard with a mustache look can suit this hairstyle. Young boys should definitely try this hairstyle as it’s perfect for their face shapes.

  • Textured Fringe

This short hairstyle features a good fringe cut with the hair moving forward as it is produced.

  • Textured Quiff

A textured quaff is one of the best short hairstyles for men thanks to how it uses a flowing layout.

  • High-Fade Curly Fringe

This next option uses curls around the middle part of the hair while the sides are trimmed to a high end. Part section of hair properly to acquire this look. You can categorically put this in the bun hairstyles.

  • Medium Comb Over

The best way to sport one of these medium hairstyles for men is to keep the sides short. This places more attention on the middle part of the hair.

  • Side Fade Mohawk

This is one of awesome men’s hairstyles,  side fades Mohawk requires the hair on the sides to be trimmed down short enough to be distinguishable from the rest of the hair on the top.

  • Side Pompadour

A noticeable part should be seen on the side of this pompadour style.

  • Curly Undercut

The curly undercut fits well with a slight beard look. This should offer a good part and top space to add a fashionable look.

  • High Spiky Fade

The spikes come into cool hairstyles category, need to curve backward while the sides can be trimmed down to the skin if desired.

  • Brushed Back Undercut

A brushed back men hair undercut will feature a smooth look where the hair moves backward to create a flowing style. You can use styling products to acquire this look.

If you are living in India, you can use following hair products for coloring:

  • Flat Crew Cut With Short Sides

Enjoy a classy look at this style with a fine flat layout and a slim feature that merges into a beard at the bottom of the face if desired.

  • Pretty Buzz Cut

A buzz cut does not have to involve all the hair being removed. One of these latest hairstyles for men can instead feature a short fade look on the sides while the hair at the top has a noticeable look.

  • Flowing Bob

A bob looks best on a man who likes to keep hairstyles for long hair, when the hair flows evenly on both sides of the face.

  • Bright Crop

A bright crop may be accentuated with a slight hair color. The hair should be even all the way around in this case.

  • Flowbee Style

A flowbee style uses a medium length with the hair offering a gentle flow.

  • Short Messy Caesar

A messy Caesar style is one of the best sexy hairstyles for men thanks to its uneven parting and smooth layout to add a flowing look all the way through.

  • Dirty Hair Flow

A dirty flow style is great for long hairstyles for men for how it offers a naturally smooth and lengthy look that adds a classic appearance for any man to a sport.

  • Layered Braids

Braids are always great for men provided they are long and dense enough. Layered braids should be organized with strong tones to add a thicker look all around.

  • Long Undercut

An undercut style can come with a longer length to add a flowing style. This works best when the hair has a striking length and a smooth tone.

  • Taper Fade

A taper fade uses a flowing style where the hair stands out with a slight pompadour look to it.

  • Angled Fringe

A fringe does not always have to flow too long. It could also include a fine curved angle that adds a striking tone to the hair.

  • Undercut Quiff

For this quiff style, the hair needs to flow backward to add a striking tone.

  • Messy Curls

Great messy curls fit well on one’s hair when organized right. The curls may come with some nice curves and tones that add a fine layout without the hair being too unusual in its look.

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  • Sponge Curls

Sponge curls are typically closer to one another than what you would get out of traditional curls.

  •  Mid Messy Fade

A messy fade uses medium-length hair and allows it to stand up as the hair is parted and combed back.

  • Curly Fringe

The curly fringe fits in perfectly with a beard. This does not have to be too long.

  • Burst Fade Mohawk

This next Mohawk style is a new hairstyle for men that offers slight curls and bends within a Mohawk to add a classic look all around.

  • Shape Up Undercut

This undercut uses a classic tone with a fine series of long hair strands on the back and front to add a striking tone.

  • Hard Side Part

A side part can come with a stronger edge to it. This could feature the hair being divided strong enough to create a stirring and dramatic tone.

  • Bald Fade

A bald fade is great for medium and long hair alike. This uses a long hair layout with the middle part standing out to allow the sides to show.

  • Thick Spikes

Faux Hawk

Haircuts for Men with Thick Hair

Slicked Back Hairstyle

Slicked Back Hairstyle: A stylish hairstyle where longer hair on top is combed backward to slick back the fringe and sides. It gives a suave and sophisticated look.

Low Fade Haircut BackSide

Low Fade Haircut BackSide: Features hair faded very close to the scalp on the back and sides, while the top hair remains longer. The fade is most dramatic at the lower parts of head, gently blending into the top hair. Gives an edgy yet neat look.

Thick Puffy Hair

Thick Puffy Hair: Full, thick, and wavy hair on top that appears puffed up and voluminous. The sides and back may be tapered or have an undercut to provide contrast. For those wanting to make a statement with their thick locks.

Thick Puffy Hair with Heavy Thick Beard

Thick Puffy Hair with Heavy Thick Beard: Same as above thick puffy hairstyle but complemented with a thick, full beard to complete the bold look. Maximum volume and fullness for the follicularly gifted.

Short Thick Hair

Short Thick Hair: Naturally thick hair cut into a short hairstyle on top with tapered back and sides. Low maintenance but still stylish.

Buzz Fade Low Cut Back Side

Buzz Fade Low Cut Back Side: Extremely short buzz cut on top with faded back and sides. The fade is low, near the neckline. Minimal yet edgy hairstyle.

Buzz Cut Mid Fade

Buzz Cut Mid Fade: Buzz cut on top with a medium fade on the back and sides, with fade stopping at mid-sides and back. Straddles the line between edge and professionalism.

Buzz Cut High Fade

Buzz Cut High Fade: Buzz cut on top with a high fade on the back and sides, the fade ending just below the crown of the head. Sharply transitioning yet conservative hairstyle.

Buzz Cut High Fade

Buzz Cut High Fade: Buzz cut on top with high fade on back and sides, the fade ending just below the crown of the head. Sharply transitioning yet conservative hairstyle.

Thick Puffy Haircuts for Men

Thick Puffy Haircuts for Men: Any short to medium cut that complements and maximizes naturally thick and voluminous hair. Targets those with wavy or puffy hair.

Crew Cut

Crew Cut: Conservative hairstyle with hair on top cut to a medium short length with tapered sides and back. Low maintenance, neat and professional.

Thick Puffy Hairstyles

Thick Puffy Hairstyles: Medium to longer men’s hairstyles that make the most of wavy, puffy hair. Styles include unstructured quiffs, messy tops, and shags. Embraces natural volume and flow.

Side parted Haircut and Crew Cut

Side parted Haircut and Crew Cut: Blend of side part hairstyle in front with a crew cut in back and sides. Professional meets edgy.

High Fade Buzz Haircut from Backside

High Fade Buzz Haircut from Backside: Nearly shaved cut with a high fade from upper sides and back, leaving longer buzz-cut hair on top. Sharply contrasted, high-impact cut.

In conclusion, there is a wide range of popular men’s haircuts that can suit different hair types, styles, and personal preferences. For men with thick or puffy hair, styles that embrace the natural volume like the slicked back hairstyle, crew cut, buzz cut with fades, and messy longer tops tend to work well.

Fades, undercuts and tapered sides are also popular ways to provide shape and contrast for thicker hair. In the end, choosing a haircut that makes the most of one’s unique hair texture and density while reflecting personal style is key to finding a cut that is low maintenance yet fashionable.

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