Raageshwari opens up about being a mother at 40 and her paralysis struggles

Raageshwari opens up about being a mother at 40 and her paralysis struggles

Remember the 90s pop singer Raageshwari. She shot to fame with her song “Duniya” and then later on also was part of films like Aankhen and Main Khiladi Tu Anaari.

But then her life took a drastic turn when she was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy which is a form of facial paralysis. And later on, she was also found to be infected with a retroverted uterus in the year 2000. But the brave lady struggled through all this and she was seen in the Bigg Boss season 5.


Later on, the singer turned actor tied her nuptial knot with a London based lawyer in the year 2014. And in the year 2016, she became the mother of a sweet girl. Now, her life is all about her 3-year-old kid and attending to mommy duties.


Raageshwari’s daughter name is Samaya and this is what she has to stay about the kid “She loves dancing and music. It is so interesting to see that she fights for her space on the stage. She is definitely a “Pushy Performer”.

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Raageshwari is also a proud mother who embraced motherhood in her 40s which is a huge topic of discussion in India. Regarding the same, the lady shares what worked for her “It has little to do with sex but everything to do with how deeply you are connected to your body, your reproductive system, and this planet. If you have medical complications, please go along with what your doctors say but also acknowledge that you are your greatest doctor too. Meditate, connect with all your vortexes. Practice earthing, sit on grass especially under the tree, and seek guidance from the greatest mother this planet. Enlarge your thinking. Expand your mind. Most importantly, act like a mother and vibrate that energy all the time”.

But her life-changing moment when she was diagnosed with Bells’ Palsy. This is how she recounts the horrific incident. “One day 14 years ago, I woke up to find that my face was paralyzed. My mouth was touching my right ear. I could not speak or eat with any dignity.

The doctors said I had Bell’s palsy. They have no clinical reasons why. I was a healthy 24-year-old girl. Never smoked and did not drink. Was super-healthy and exercised every day.

I suffered two days of utmost misery. But by the third day, I decided, “Enough”. I was going to rise like a Phoenix. How? Because I had time to remain still and think!”


But the lady stood strongly in these hours of crisis. She had a miraculous recovery from her facial paralysis. She regained her face and her old body with yoga and mind techniques. She then torched the cause of “Mindfulness”.



She now also runs a mindfulness company “Unicorn World Events” which will be hosting retreats for corporates on a global basis.

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