Propose a Guy Romantically on this Valentine’s Day

Propose a Guy Romantically on this Valentine’s Day

Love is something accidental that can happen unintentionally and just gives rise to goosebumps. It takes a lot of courage to realize and accept this pure feeling of love. It takes even more courage to confess your love to your beloved and convince to keep him to trust you with his life. After encouraging your heart to finally reveal this emotion and suddenly stop yourself with a jerk.

Then you remember that you might not know . In this case, you start searching for ideas on how to propose a guy in unique ways, and guess what, you even get a lot of ideas. However, these ideas don’t sound too good to implement in reality and you just drop the idea of the proposal.

Best Ways to Propose an Indian Girl on Valentine’s Day

Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I would like to share different creative ideas to propose a guy in the most romantic way.

Back to the Beginning - Propose a guy on the valentine

1. Back to the Beginning

Do you remember the place where you met your crush for the first time or the place you had a deep conversation with him? Do you remember the location where you had spent the best days together? If the answer to all the above questions is yes then what are you waiting for? The best way to propose a guy is to take him back to the flashback and relive the old memories you had together at a venue. So take him to the location where you first met and propose to him there and then.

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card of surprises - Propose a guy on the valentine

2. Card of Surprises

In school days, we often had an interest in making drawings or in craftwork. It is the right time to use your creative side and let him know your feelings via a self-made romantic card. You can add or stick many small cards in a big card containing love messages or the reasons you chose him to be your life partner.

romantic video - Propose a guy on the valentine

3. Romantic Video

Nowadays, you may get much software to make customized videos. You can easily select the background and music of your choice and just add on images to make a video. So, if you are looking for a way on how to propose a guy through a message then you can first drop this video and then text the three magical words. Remember to collect all the selfies you had clicked together and use them in the video.

virtual date - Propose a guy on the valentine

4. Virtual Date

Having dinner at home or with him is a very common thing. But what if your guy is miles away from you and Valentine’s day is near? ?If you are confused on how to propose a boy on call then I have the best idea of the situation. You can decorate your room for a proposal and just video call the person you want to propose on Valentine’s Day. Give him a surprise by confessing your feelings virtually.

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treasure hunt - Propose a guy on the valentine

5. Treasure Hunt

This is a very adventurous way of proposing a guy. In this, you have to create small chits and hide them at different places at your home. When the guy enters your house challenges him to find all the chits containing romantic messages. In the last chit just mention ‘I Love You’ and leave the decision on him to accept it or not.

personalized ring - Propose a guy on the valentine

6. Personalized Ring

We all know that girls have a huge affinity for accessories. The same is the case with the guys. We might feel that they don’t like accessories but this isn’t true. A ring needn’t be of gold, silver or diamond to be gifted. It can be an artificial proposal ring after all the weight of your feelings are more important than its cost price. You can attach an image to your ring and gift it to him on the proposal day.

night out - Propose a guy on the valentine

7. Night Out

You can invite the guy you want to propose to on the eve of Valentine’s Day and you can roam anywhere in the city till twelve. The moment you realize it’s midnight, just bend down on your knees and propose to him. This way you will make your Valentine Day proposal very very special and memorable.

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I wish all the girls the best of luck with your proposals and I wish that my ideas help you out. Do share your experience below after trying out the above ideas.