Postpartum Blues for Chhavi Mittal

Chhavi Mittal who has just delivered her baby is going through postpartum blues. Well, postpartum blues are very much real just like other forms of depression. A new baby definitely brings lots of love and warm feeling at home. But it is the mother who has a hard time getting adjusted to this situation. She has to get accustomed to her body which is in deep pain and also to the new no routine life of the baby. To all the men out there – POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION is so real.

Chhavi Mittal had a tough pregnancy because her baby refused to leave her body even when it was 40 weeks old. Yes, she faced no signs of labor and the doctors advised they she might have to be artificially insulated if there is no natural labor.

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THE 10th MONTH… Here I am, thinking I have seen it all and heard it all… But in the 11th hour of my pregnancy, there's yet another myth that I need to address! The 10th month. Yes, there is a 10th month in pregnancy, and I'm currently living it. So many people tried to correct me in one of my recent posts, thinking I may have accidentally written 10th instead of 9th. No it was no accident. The 10th month, as logic suggests, starts after the 9th month ends. After 36 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is officially ready to come into this world. 40 weeks is considered a full term, and that's when the doctor gives you your EDD (estimated due date). The due date is always ESTIMATED because nobody can predict when the baby arrives. It is extremely common and absolutely normal for women to reach 42 weeks before natural labour begins.. especially if it's the second pregnancy… and once you cross 38/39 weeks, your 10th month begins. So, while my clock ticks, I could go into labour right this minute, or another week later… I'm not worried. On the contrary, I'm rather relaxed. Because I know, once the baby comes, I'll have my hands full! And I think now is the perfect time to also say that it's always the baby who decides when labour will begin. So you can try all you want, get restless, get scans done, pray that the baby comes out fast (I know it's uncomfortable)… But trust me, the baby is the most comfortable inside you! So don't hold your breath… But remember, good things come to those who wait…. #pregnancy PC: @sachin113photographer Location:@1bhkmumbai ________________________________ #pregnant #pregnantbelly #chhavimittal #readytopop #pregnantmom #pregnantmother #happilypregnant #40weeks #40weekspregnant

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She shares “And there’s this other child who refuses to leave my body. I was really looking forward to being a mother of 2 before this day arrives. I know all of you have been waiting for the good news. But more than all you guys, my patience is wearing thin, because there’s still no sign of labour. And if labour doesn’t knock on my door today, we might have to artificially induce it, which breaks my heart because on one hand the baby’s at risk due to being a post-term birth, and on the other hand, the baby’s at risk due to the drugs being pumped in my body for an induction. What does a mother choose?”

Anyways on May 13th, the little one came to this world and we are sure Chhavi heaved a sigh of relief.

But now, in her next insta post, she reveals that she has to deal with swollen feet and extreme back and head pain. Even in this situation, she is seen working with her laptop and managing her time when her baby sleeps.

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The turn out at my centre was not impressive at all. Spoke to a policeman who said that it's been like this the whole day. How can such an important responsibility be ignored? If I can go and vote in my 10th month of pregnancy.. you definitely can! Go guys, if you still haven't! And I must say that the cooperation I witnessed by the Mumbai police is truly commendable. In the scorching heat, the patience that they maintain, the eagerness to help, and the cheerful disposition totally blew me away. I can barely walk now and I swear it felt like forever to walk from the entrance to the booth.. but not a line on anyone's forehead! Only smiles, and a pleasant greeting. #vote _______________________________ #castyourvote #mumbaipolice #mumbai#mumbaicity #police #chhavimittal #pregnant #voting

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