OMG : This actress gets trolled for lip surgery

Many actors these days go under the knife to look their best. Some of them do if to enhance the look whereas some of them do it to hide their aging issues.

And recently who had gone through massive changes after going under the knife is Mouni Roy. I am sure we all are familiar with this since she is a very well known TV celeb. The actress has recently added cinema feather to her career and thus we are sure her bank account has also taken the tremendous jump.

As a result of which may be, she decided to innovate herself a bit and thus she went under the knife for the same. But OMG rather than looking all beautiful she is literally looking like a Donald. Her lips are sucked and puckered out like anything. It is very much evident that she underwent a lip job and thus her lips and her face has changed drastically.

I am unable to understand why actors who look this beautiful have to take such drastic steps to change their look. She is a public figure and even a slight change in her look has a tremendous effect on her following. And after all your face and body sells. So, if your face is altered then obviously your public image is going to suffer.

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Many fans even went ahead and called her ‘dookan of surgeries’. She is always known to have some fairness or may be whitening surgery as well. She was recently spotted during the promotions of Bharat and social media again targeted the actress and even compared her to late pop king Michael Jackson. It is a known fact that the actor died because of his in countable plastic surgeries. she was dressed in a neon green jacket and dress but her lips were the talking point of the event.

OMG : This actress gets trolled for lip surgery
OMG : This actress gets trolled for lip surgery

Some fans commented saying that “Plastic surgeries ruined her beauty”, “What has happened to her lips?”, “Surgery failed”, “Plastic” and “Botox aunty”. 

OMG : This actress gets trolled for lip surgery
OMG : This actress gets trolled for lip surgery

But some of the followers also commented

“She is really gorgeous. I don’t get it why people have to judge her. Why don’t they mind their own business? It’s her body, her choice,”

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OMG : This actress gets trolled for lip surgery 2
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OMG : This actress gets trolled for lip surgery 3
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